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U.S. Catholic has a nice, long look at the diaconate in its December issue — and a few familiar names pop up: Beverly Hills, California deacon and author Eric Stoltz often finds himself uttering the phrase, “Please don’t call me […]

It’s happening on the sci-fi series “V” — and the character in question is portrayed by an actor who admits Catholic priests played a big role in his own life: The sci-fi series “V” — which returns in early January […]

It’ll happen next week, according to this email posted at Aggie Catholics: The Dominican Sisters of Mary will be featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday, November 23rd. This is a new show that includes interviews with Mother Assumpta, […]

John Allen offers his two cents: In Dolan, the bishops have turned to their most gifted natural communicator, a leader with a demonstrated capacity to project a positive image for Catholicism in the public square. Rather than electing a behind-the-scenes […]

…”Star Wars.”  This video is something every parent needs to see!

From the people who brought you that delightful dance in a Liverpool train station comes this exuberant and joyful medley at Heathrow airport. (If you’re keeping track, the most famous of these “flash mob” encounters is undoubtedly the “Do Re […]

This is certainly, um, different — though, with the unfurling ribbon of condoms smack in the middle, it’s hardly advocating abstinence.  I’d call the message, at best, mixed.  And unpersuasive.     Details: The video is part of the Candie’s […]

This popped up on someone’s Facebook page today, and it’s irresistible.  A blast from the past that shows what happens when a Japanese baby is born. 

Get a load of this exuberant interview, from the website One Billion Stories. These kids are full of life, and full of faith. Bless ’em. St. Mary’s – College Station, TX from on Vimeo.

A great ad, with a beautiful and simple message.