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Mark your calendars: that’s the date the new translation of the Roman Missal will debut in a parish near you. Details, from CNS: The missal, announced by Pope John Paul II in 2000 and first published in Latin in 2002, […]

This is a new one to me, so I thought I’d toss it out there and see if anyone has an answer. A deacon reader writes: Can you find out for me, the validity of a mass intention in the […]

A priest who has a unique perspective on the question offers his own answer over at U.S. Catholic: I was spending a leisurely minute planning my funeral the other day-not a savory task, but a prudent one since I have […]

The Academy Award-winning star popped up on “Currents” last week to talk about his new movie, and its undercurrent of faith.

Some readers may remember the “Mass on the Grass” from last month — a liturgy celebrated before a baseball game on a field in Illinois. Catholic News Agency has a followup: Thanks to discussions between a priest and a minor […]

A California paper visits one of the leading manufacturers of church vestments to find out: It sounds like a New Yorker cartoon the way Mannix Delfino describes a recent Saturday afternoon in her Carson shop. “It was so cute, the […]

You probably recall this bizarre video of a mass staged in connection with the World Cup. The priest in the middle of it all has been suspended — and his flock is unhappy: Parishioners of the Church of St Victor […]

In suburban Chicago, a minor league baseball team is making a major league statement of faith: As any athlete will tell you, it’s always good to have God on your side before a big game. Tonight, the Kane County Cougars […]

Um, yes. In the Netherlands.  If the “picnic mass” wasn’t too much for you, here’s another treat, h/t Al Kresta and Creative Minority Report. As Al puts it: Does this look like “sacred space” to you? Does this look like […]

A few days ago, I posted this bizarre video of an outdoor mass in Austria. I asked if anyone could translate, and one of my readers — a deacon in Washington, DC — generously obliged. His text: On the 29th […]