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If there is one recurring theme in this Sunday’s readings, it is persistence. Whether it’s Moses, or St. Paul, or the relentless widow in the parable, it’s all about never giving up. Holding fast. Refusing to grow weary. Living what […]

Last week I went to see the new movie “The Social Network.” It’s a fascinating look at the creation of “Facebook” – the social networking site that started among a few people at Harvard and became a phenomenon, now touching […]

This gospel about the mustard seed is familiar to so many of us, and I think we all understand the larger point Jesus is trying to make – that even a little bit of faith can work wonders. That it […]

When I give instruction to parents before celebrating a baptism, I like to tell them to pay close attention to how the ritual begins. It doesn’t start with an opening prayer, or the sign of the cross, or a hymn. […]

“My thoughts go in a special way to all those who are spiritually united with this Eucharistic celebration, and in particular the sick, the elderly, the handicapped and those who suffer mentally and spiritually. Here too I think of the […]

We all have powerful memories of where we were nine years ago this morning.  But one of my most vivid memories is from several weeks later. It was late October. That beautiful day in September seemed like a distant memory. […]

In the late 18th century, there was no American portrait artist more famous, more celebrated, more sought-after than Gilbert Stuart. He was born in Rhode Island and was something of a prodigy, producing a formal portrait at the age of […]

Years ago, a friend gave me a holy card with an unusual depiction of the Blessed Mother. She is visibly pregnant, and reading from a book – praying from scripture. As my friend explained to me: it’s a great image […]

Last year, Fortune magazine broke the story of a remarkable gathering of some of the wealthiest men and women in the world. It happened here in New York, and it was hosted by David Rockefeller. Mayor Bloomberg was there, and […]

Outside Jerusalem, you can visit an unusual church that could be one of the most important – and most overlooked – in the world. It’s a little off the beaten path. Unlike most churches in the Holy Land, this one […]