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It will be interesting to see how far this discussion goes. From the Chicago Sun-Times: The Roman Catholic Church is pretty clear on who may join the priesthood: men only. And the way church leaders see it, there’s no room […]

Hint: he’s the one wearing the dalmatic. Read more about it here.

He posted this on his Facebook page, and I re-post it here with his permission.  I like the title under the name…

In the past, I’ve noted the curious habit in some dioceses of referring to deacons and their wives as “deacon couples”. Now, Deacon Bill Ditewig is tackling that subject — and some others involving spouses, terminology, and what it all […]

“Last year when Pope Benedict XVI met with the permanent deacons of the Diocese of Rome, he recalled an incident that occurred at the Second Vatican Council. Each day when the council was in session, the Gospel was enthroned to […]

Hundreds of clergy gathered earlier this week for the first-ever joint convocation of priests and deacons in the Brooklyn Diocese. Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley delivered the keynote (which contained the sterling quote in the headline).  The story, from “Currents,” below.

Well, whataya know? I got an email this morning from a reader, alerting me to this piece about Greg Hall, a Houston man who owns a drilling company involved in the rescue of the miners in Chile.  Greg Hall also […]

Pictured above is a statue of St. Lawrence, patron of miners (and chefs). The statue — complete with dalmatic, miner’s helmet, and lamp — was carried to the site of the Chile mine accident in August, shortly after the 33 […]

Over at Deacons Today, Bill Ditewig offers a fascinating glimpse at how deacons are formed in Europe: In Germany, anyone who wishes to pursue official ministry (whether as a lay person or a deacon) must FIRST complete either a degree […]

This week, my own bishop, Nicholas DiMarzio, offered some thoughts on the collaboration between priests and deacons in his weekly newspaper column: On the day of ordination, the ordaining bishop asks the deacon candidate the following question: “Are you resolved […]