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The following e-mail landed in my in-box late this afternoon: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio regrets to inform you of the death of Deacon Charles A. Postler. Deacon Postler died on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at Calvary Hospital. He was the first […]

… on the topic of wearing the collar, after this post veered off the rails and became a debating exercise for deacons.  Snip: Should deacons wear clericals? In my opinion, this is a decision best left to the deacon in […]

This has echoes of the story I posted recently from Chicago. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Diane Dougherty lives in a neat, white house that she shares with her cats, Pete and Gypsy Rose. She teaches second grade in Fayetteville. […]

A newly ordained deacon at the North American College in Rome is sharing his reflections on his vocation, and the experience of receiving Holy Orders. He begins by mentioning his pre-ordination retreat.  Snip: I brought a copy of the ordination […]

And the ordinations keep on comin’. These happened last weekend: Thomas Dewhirst recommitted himself to his Catholic faith in 1998, after years outside the church. About a year later, he felt God was calling him to become a deacon. He […]

Portland welcomed a quartet of new deacons last weekend — and they come from a variety of backgrounds: New permanent deacons ordained Saturday at St. Mary Cathedral in Portland are a young father of two, a man who escaped Vietnam’s […]

The diocese is preparing to ordain its first class of permanent deacons. Take a look: Come next spring, at least a few Southern Nevada Catholics may be a bit confused about some of the new faces they’ll be seeing around […]

Leave it to Deacon Bill Ditewig to unearth this incredible tale of Dachau’s deacon and his secret ordination to the priesthood. He’s also found this rare and remarkable video (in Italian, but with subtitles). Watch it and be in awe.

There are a lot of awful ones out there, but I have to say that the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills may have one of the most appealing, attractive, informative and user-friendly sites anywhere. (Is it mere […]

Deacon Bill Ditewig poses some challenging ideas today about how to “do the diaconate right.” He picks five hallmarks of good formation: 1) Select only those applicants who have the gifts and abilities to be servant-leaders across the whole range […]