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A few days after her bombshell announcement that she’s “quitting Christianity,” author Anne Rice has given a lengthy interview to the Los Angeles Times to explain herself: Q) You were raised Catholic, became an atheist, then returned to Catholicism in […]

A lecturer at Oxford University’s Center for Jewish Studies claims colleagues discriminated against her after she converted to Christianity. From the Telegraph: Dr Tali Argov says she was overlooked for promotion, stripped of her privileges and cold-shouldered at social gatherings. […]

The best-selling writer who made headlines with her dramatic conversion (or reversion) and wrote a popular book about her journey back to Catholicism, has changed her mind.  She made the announcement on Facebook: “I quit being a Christian. I’m out. […]

Could the trickle of Anglicans leaving their church turn into a flood? From the Telegraph: Hundreds of traditionalist clergy are set to leave the Church of England over plans to introduce women bishops. Leading Anglo-Catholic clergy warned that the failure […]

It happened in May, just a few weeks before the World Cup began. CNA has details: The Argentinean daily La Nacion featured a story this week on the Dutch soccer player Wesley Sneijder, who scored the winning goal against Brazil […]

What a journey!  It’s the first Catholic ordination in one Pennsylvania community — and it’s one for the history books: St. Joseph’s Church in York will be the setting on Saturday for an event sure to go down in local […]

The Republican strategist, editor and talk show host (and wife of Democratic loud mouth, James Carville) spoke to the Catholic Media Convention last weekend. At one point, she mentioned that she was raised Methodist, but joined the Catholic Church this […]

While various commentators take a less-than-favorable view of the Catholic hierarchy these days, that hasn’t stopped some prominent Anglicans from dipping their toes in the Tiber to see if they’d like to swim across: Three Church of England bishops traveled […]

While many new Catholics this week are basking in the afterglow of their Easter baptism, one former Protestant (and a former clergywoman, at that) is reflecting back on her first year in the faith, with both gratitude and awe: I […]

Nashville has an impressively large number of people about to join the Church this Easter — and the local secular press is even taking notice: When she was growing up, Lori W. Caste decided not to get baptized. Her father […]