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A fabled Catholic cultural institution may be vanishing in one part of the country: It seems that the “bingo bubble” in many areas of the Albany Diocese has burst. The game of chance long subsidized many parishes and schools, bringing […]

A church in North Texas is now the official home for the Latin mass in that part of the state. From the Dallas Morning News: Jack Schmidt converted to Catholicism about a decade ago and never learned Latin. But that’s […]

The AP is reporting that a growing number of churches are now making it a habit to conduct routine background checks: More churches and religious groups are conducting background checks and taking other steps to protect children against mistreatment in […]

A mural of Mary in a Denver church has been covered up — and it’s sparked some controversy: All it took for Mercy Cruz was two days and a few words to gather about 70 signatures for a letter to […]

Some heartening news from the Lone Star state. At a time when many dioceses are closing or consolidating parishes, down in Texas, the church business is booming: Each week at Midland’s Our Lady of San Juan Parish, churchgoers attending Mass […]

Some unusual news out of Brooklyn, where a Catholic church is playing a starring role in a theatrical production of “Murder in the Cathedral.” A snip from the New York Times review: Comparing the buttoned-up experience of seeing a play […]

Folks at an Episcopal church learned that lesson the hard way: The rector of a Hingham church said parishioners trying to hold a post-Mass picnic at the town’s beach were interrupted by a Canadian goose being shot in front of […]

You might think so, based on some reports. But the rector of the cathedral in Sacramento explains: First of all, the “Qu’ran blessed at California cathedral” was misconstrued and of course the event was not in the Cathedral building but […]

Grim numbers from Ohio point to a larger trend in the American Church: Almost two out of three Catholics in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky won’t go to church this weekend to celebrate Mass, an event they have been told […]

Some die-hards in Boston are refusing to surrender their church, even after six long years. The video below tells part of their story.