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That’s the surprising distinction that Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Ann Rodgers explores: The City of Champions can claim a new American title: No. 1 in producing cardinals for the Catholic Church. With the expected elevation of Cardinal-designate Donald Wuerl of Washington, […]

Hundreds of clergy gathered earlier this week for the first-ever joint convocation of priests and deacons in the Brooklyn Diocese. Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley delivered the keynote (which contained the sterling quote in the headline).  The story, from “Currents,” below.

That would be Raymond Burke (though he now resides in Rome) and The Donald (Wuerl, of course). They are on the list of 24 new cardinals just announced.  Rocco reports: We have liftoff….. The list, in order: Amato, Naguib (Alexandria), […]

The prelate who’s sparked some controversy lately is explaining himself with this interview: The Catholic archbishop for the Twin Cities defended his right Monday to speak to fellow Catholics on social issues, and said a shrinking Roman Catholic church is […]

“I don’t find it difficult to pray. All the training and experiences I’ve had help me to pray today in spite of a busy schedule. I was never told, ‘You have to pray this many hours every day.’ From an […]

One of the more famous — or infamous — political duets will perform at one of the country’s premiere Catholic fundraisers, according to the Archdiocese of New York website: Political consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin will be the guest […]

Hundreds of thousands of Catholics found a DVD from their archbishop in the mail last week — and the reaction has been decidedly mixed: When the archbishop’s controversial DVD arrived in the mail last week, Renee Miller’s first instinct was […]

The bishops of New York state have just released a statement about the upcoming election. A snip: “We Catholics are called to look at politics as we are called to look at everything – through the lens of our faith. […]

The war of words over contraception is heating up — and in a way that might surprise Catholics in the western world.  Could you imagine a threat like this being issued by bishops in the United States?  The latest: Raising […]

Some heartening news from the Lone Star state. At a time when many dioceses are closing or consolidating parishes, down in Texas, the church business is booming: Each week at Midland’s Our Lady of San Juan Parish, churchgoers attending Mass […]