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Last Sunday, I had the great privilege of celebrating the sacrament of baptism here in the church – baptizing 12 babies. Before the service, I was chatting with a couple of women. They were friends of one of the families […]

Those are the words of a man, now in France, who survived the massacre at Our Lady of Salvation Church. Details, from the Christian Post: Iraqi Christians who were given indefinite political asylum in France say they don’t want to […]

Listen to one of the modern era’s greatest preachers. H/T New Advent

If you missed the news yesterday, “The Deacon’s Bench” is relocating. Beginning Monday, December 13th, you can find it right here. Feel free to drop by and look around.  Meantime, I’ll still be here, rounding up the cattle.

Some intriguing news from across the pond, courtesy the BBC: A distant relative of Princes William and Harry has moved a step closer to becoming a saint. A Vatican investigation has declared that Father Ignatius Spencer, who is buried in […]

The remarkable story of Dr. Rich Meehan and his work among the poor in Los Angles deserves to be heard by a wider audience — especially now that he is hanging up his latex gloves and devoting his time to […]

It’s not Catholics under attack, but it’s a pretty low blow that manages to trivialize — and demean — something meaningful. UPDATE: Can’t see the video? Visit this link.

“As I read Light of the World, I was continually struck by the way in which abandonment of the self to God’s will underlies so much of what Pope Benedict says. I think those puzzled by him, who try to […]

After 15 happy months here at Beliefnet, and several weeks of hand-wringing and finger-drumming while I make up my mind, I’ve decided to pull up stakes and relocate “The Deacon’s Bench” to another site. Beginning next Monday, December 13th, you’ll […]

That’s the name of an ambitious, surprisingly powerful project undertaken by photographer Steven Golder. He’s been taking photographs of hands — some of them breathtaking in their simplicity and beauty — but not just any hands. They are the hands […]