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This time, from Canada.

From The Vancouver Sun:

An Anglican parish in Calgary is taking a leap of faith by becoming the first church in Canada to accept an offer from the Vatican to join the Roman Catholic Church.

Parishioners of St. John the Evangelist church recently voted 90 per cent in favour of joining the Catholic Church.

Pope Benedict last year offered Anglicans the opportunity to join the Catholic Church while still maintaining much of their own liturgy and traditions.

The proposal was made in a bid to attract Anglicans dissatisfied with the direction of their church, which has in recent years accepted female priests and same-sex unions.

Father Lee Kenyon said his parishioners at St. John’s are not leaving out of anger.

“We didn’t vote to leave the Anglican Church of Canada, we voted to accept the invitation of the Pope,” said Kenyon, who will be ordained as a Catholic priest despite being married with two children.

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