The Deacon's Bench

This is certainly, um, different — though, with the unfurling ribbon of condoms smack in the middle, it’s hardly advocating abstinence.  I’d call the message, at best, mixed.  And unpersuasive.  

The video is part of the Candie’s Foundation’s “Pause Before You Play” campaign, or PBYB according to Sitch. It begins with Situation hitting on Bristol, asking her if she’d like to have a situation. Keep in mind, the word “situation” literally jumps the shark somewhere in the middle of this PSA. 

“Just in case you do get into a situation, I want to make sure you are situated. Because if you do get into a situation, with your situation,” Sitch points down below her waist (seriously), “you may end up with a situation.”

Hilarious, right? You can watch below.

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