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The number-one rated nightly news anchor — and the only one of the Big Three who is Catholic — pours out his soul to Elle (well, sort of) in an interview that, among other things, touches rather unexpectedly on the […]

As millions around the world mark Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday, you might want to visit this link to see a compelling report by CNN’s Nic Robertson. He pays a visit to what used to be Albania, to Mother Teresa’s hometown, […]

Well, who’d a thunk? Check out this video below, from the online edition of the Catholic Anchor in Anchorage.

This news is both beautiful — and poignant: Communications and supplies were flowing efficiently between rescuers and 33 trapped miners in Chile, authorities said Wednesday. The miners have been trapped for a total of 20 days with minimal food. A […]

“I feel privileged to represent the Catholic Church in a visible way, because it is an organization of sinners and sinners-turned-saints, emphatically alive, expanding, and responsive to the needs of the time, an organization that has been enormously effective in […]

From the Detroit Free Press comes this inspiring story about a hardy band of survivors — thousands of Vietnamese immigrants who settled in New Orleans, and have endured extraordinary trials with extraordinary faith: On the far eastern edge of New […]

Some of the most dramatic changes in the new Roman Missal won’t just be in what we say, but in what we sing. Music publishers are already working on that, according to CNS: The new Roman Missal authorized Aug. 20 […]

Well, check out this item, about author and humorist Deacon Tom Sheridan: A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar. And the bartender says, “What is this, a joke?” Yes, it is just a joke — and […]

While on vacation, I was saddened to learn that veteran CBS News correspondent Harold Dow had died suddenly from an asthma attack.  He was 62. I had the privilege of knowing him, and working with him on two trailblazing magazine […]

…this one’s for you. From the Citizens Bank annual talent show, a hilarious take on an office ritual, from Dave Grady. Enjoy.