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From Denver comes this lovely tribute to one newly ordained man in particular — and to the Catholic priesthood in general. The author concludes: David left a medical career and a beautiful girlfriend behind to pursue a life of a […]

Anything is possible, with the Holy Spirit in charge. And a London paper takes a close look at one contender: When Pope Benedict XVI kicks off his four-day visit to the UK with a greeting from the Queen at Holyrood […]

A series of jaw-dropping, eye-grabbing ads for ice cream are leaving some people in Europe cold. Details: Two ice cream adverts, one showing a pregnant nun and the other two male priests about to kiss, are facing a ban by […]

The good folks at Aggie Catholics have just posted a list. See if someone you know is on it. Then drop by and see what he has to say.

Here’s some disturbing news about religious trends among teenagers — what you might call Teenage Mutant Ninja Christianity. From CNN: If you’re the parent of a Christian teenager, Kenda Creasy Dean has this warning: Your child is following a “mutant” […]

This is an instant classic. Where are Abbot & Costello when you need them? Check out this priceless racing call from Monmouth Park a few days ago.

People have been going a little bit nuts in the comments lately, so it seems a good time to refer newer readers to these guidelines, which I first posted after Easter. Please note: comments that are anti-Catholic — or, more broadly, anti-religion […]

The always-interesting Fr. Z looks at a question from a reader about a priest who wanders around when he preaches: For centuries in the pre-Conciliar form of the Roman Rite the preacher is accompanied to the pulpit by the master […]

Some of you may remember he delightful installation homily by Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois. He concluded his remarks by singing a number written by one of the Backstreet Boys. Anyway: the good bishop can not only carry a […]

This can only be good news for the cotton towel industry. Details: Beneath a cloudless sky on a recent Sunday afternoon, John Oswald made a public profession of his Christian faith as he stood in the waters of Lake Michigan. […]