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The simmering thread about church music got me to thinking about church architecture. (No, I’m not going to start another Top 10 list…but it’s tempting…)

I remembered a conversation I had when I met Fr. George Rutler, at his magnificent church, Church of Our Savior. I commented about how beautiful the church was and he replied, proudly, “You know how you can tell if a church is really beautiful? It’s the brides. If a lot of brides want to be married there, you’ve got a pretty church.” 

Truer words were never spoken. At my parish, (shown above) we get calls from all over the city, from brides asking to be married there. (Among other things, we have a looooong aisle.) But we have a strongly enforced policy — no weddings unless you’re in the parish — and that keeps the number of weddings manageable. Otherwise, we’d be booked solid every week, and Pachelbel’s Canon would never quit.

But don’t get me started on wedding music. Please. 

Meantime, Fr. Rutler’s church is below.  
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