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What would they say?

Years ago, an old friend who is a Sister of St. Joseph sent me a greeting card with this image on the front. I always liked it. “Women of Peace,” it was called: Eileen Egan, Dorothy Day, and Mother Teresa, from 1979.

My friend Paul Snatchko posted it on his Facebook page tonight with the question, “What would Dorothy and Teresa say this week?” Good question. Like Paul, I hope they’re both praying for all of us, and the church they loved so much.


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posted March 31, 2010 at 9:54 pm

I work in a convent for the Sisters of St. Joseph and I know they are in full preparation mode this Holy Week :)

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posted April 1, 2010 at 5:39 am

How interesting that you bring up Mother Teresa, as she has been much on my mind (and one of my major intercessors), during this especially painful week.
Maybe it’s because M Teresa didn’t mince words, especially when it involved the defense of Jesus Christ and the least among us.
Since you asked Dcn. Greg, I’m more than happy to tell you what I think M Teresa would have said.
I think firstly she would have reminded us (we Americans), of our “spiritual poverty” that far exceeded any poverty she ever witnessed on the streets of Calcutta. A poverty so deep that we put “abortion” into law under the guise of “health care”, and in the same week, crucify the Vicar of Christ.
What/who have we become? The followers of Pontius Pilate perhaps? “Crucify Him!”
I think she would have asked us if we thought it was a coincidence
(JPII taught that NOTHING was ever a coincidence) that God not only sent us one of the most compassionate, brilliant, and holy popes of our lifetimes, but also one with the courage and fortitude to do more to clean up the “filth” of the church than any pope has done in a century.
She would have reminded us that in our “poverty”, most of us failed to see that that same pope, the Vicar of Christ, also gave us a recent encyclical(again, perfect timing “coincidence”) on “Charity and Truth”, with every answer and solution needed to provide the dignity of life to all regarding health care and the common good, based in the truth of the teachings of Christ.
Instead, in our poverty, we got “back room deals”, abortion, thuggery, unfair taxation, socialism, greed, arrogance, tyranny, sell out Catholics, and a deeply divided and angry country, but, we got “health care.”
She would probably also remind us of her famous quotes: “The fruit of abortion is nuclear war”, or “If a mother can kill her own baby in the womb, what is left?”
Well, maybe she would point out that what is left is to destroy the Catholic Church, to bring down the Vicar of Christ, so that satan can finish his business. After all, if we wipe out enough priests, SO GOES THE EUCHARIST (and so goes the world).
But no worries, people like MoDo, HuffPo and friends, and NY Time Junkies, can breath easily, as we will finally be ‘free’. Yes, free in an American living hell, sans Eucharist except by underground at the risk of life. All the while, liberal Ivy League academics like Dr. Serene Jones, may finally figure out that the “Catholicism the world really needs”, that “gentle spirit”, was none other than Pope Benedict, the Vicar of Christ who like Christ we crucified, along with the silent screams of millions of ignored sexually abused American children. If only their abusers had fit the “agenda.”
Lastly, after a good scolding, Mother Teresa would never leave the scene without reminding us of God’s great mercy. She would probably read to us her famous, “I Thirst”, which was first read to me at a Good Friday Service 7 years ago in La Jolla CA, by a priest who personally knew Mother Teresa.
I think upon hearing it was the first time I ever ‘heard” Jesus tell me how much he loved me, despite all of my ugly sins, and all the times I personally nailed him to the cross. I now read it every Good Friday, and every year it astounds me, more and more, of the love of Jesus Christ, his unlimited mercy, and the power of the cross! Most of all, it’s the hope of all sinners, even the worst among us.
Here’s a link:
As for Dorothy Day, she well knew the “real social justice” vs. the hijacked form. Jim Wallace, and Obama operatives, under Dorothy Day, would be toast.

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Holy Cannoli

posted April 1, 2010 at 8:39 am

Examination of conscience has been done every evening by some (perhaps all) of the saints. Even in the most painful of times, while the world and events would madly swirl around them, those same saints would keep their eyes steadfastly focused on their goal… a goal not of this world. They were able to do so by their preparation and their commitment to Almighty God who they loved with their whole heart, and with their whole soul, and with all their strength.
To speculate on what anyone might have said or what they would have done under specific circumstances is an interesting thought exercise but, of course, we can never know for sure.
WWJD. I don’t know.
What would Peter have done?
He (imo) would have killed the traitors the same way he would have killed Judas had not Christ known it and prevented it from happening at the Last Supper. Christ had to die and Judas, despicable character that he was/is, was part of the Divine plan.
I reluctantly accept this current sickening drama as also being part of a Divine plan. Like the apostles, where it’s all going and what it’s leading to, we don’t presently know. But, unlike the apostles, we have the knowledge and hopefully we have the grace to be able to say in all confidence, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

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posted April 1, 2010 at 9:53 am

Klaire, if you hate America and Americans so much, why do you live here?
You have got to be kidding…
You reitirate Mother Theresa’s quote re abortion, and you think the analogy is ‘when abortion is possible, of course it’s possible that we destroy the priesthood’…?? You ARE kidding, right…right? Because if not, you have just dehmanized every victim of abuse at the hands of a priest.
How about ‘if we live in a world where the Catholic Church has so little regard for the lives of children, of course abortion is a possibility’ or ‘if the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has been destroying children for decades, why should we be surprised women abort their babies’.
In every single post you write, you completely disregard the humanity of every victim of abuse at the hands of a priest and then rub salt in the wounds you open by blaming the victims for daring to hold the priests and hierarchy responsible for their reprehensible actions.
The Church brought all of this down upon itself. No one is doing this to the Church. This is not an attack. If Satan is at work it is becaue the hierarchy of the Catholic Church sent him an engraved invitation and rolled out the red carpet for him.
Klaire, the Catholic Church ignored the screams of abused children and their families for decades, yet you continue to whine about the fact somebody else out there ignored the screams of abused children somewhere else. Well, which is it — do the screams of abused children deserve to be heard or not? Or is this all really about youyouyou and if youyouyou don’t get ALL the attention and sympathy for your supposed abuse, then no one else gets any, or how dare anyone rock your safe litte boat by bringing light to the fact that the very abuse you claim sent you into the arms of the Church exists in the Church, too?
This is not about the NYT, but Satan would love you to think it is — Satan would love for you to think the enemy is Maureen Dowd or the MSM or the NYT so he can continue his evil work in the Church while you focus your attention on things that don’t matter. You keep ignoring the truth of what happened and focus on the NYT and whine about Obama and this reporter or that one, and Satan is free to work undetected in the Church. It’s folks like you who are playing right into Satan’s hands.

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posted April 1, 2010 at 1:22 pm

I would hope that they would, at some point, express some agreement with the words of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn that were uttered by him at a penitential Mass held in Vienna. After hearing the accusations of victims who were present at the Mass, he stated in closing:
“We acknowledge that we would not recognize the truth, that we have covered up and given false witness.”

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posted April 2, 2010 at 9:49 am

Klaire has said nor done none of the things you have accused her of. Strong emotion is no excuse for lying about others. Get a grip on your emotions and show an ounce of charity. You might find some good that way.
I will admit I am not surprised you’re also one of those “America: Love it or leave it!” types.

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posted April 2, 2010 at 12:14 pm

Klaire is indeed intimating those things, as she has throughout all her posts on this topic.
I am not lying at all.
I’m not an America — love it or leave it person, but I get tired of sweeping generalizations about all Americans based on little more than this one or that one refuses to capitulate to the individual poster. I’m also sick and tired of this bizarre, ignorant, redneck intertwining of Catholicism and psychotic ideology a la Glenn Beck.
Klaire is obviously a dangerously disturbed person — she calls child abuse a blessing, part of God’s plan, and over and over again excuses priests based on the fact that other people abuse, too.
She rubs salt in the wounds of the victims of the priest abuse scandal time and time again, coldly, callously and in a completely self-involved way. It’s all about Klaire all the time, and no one else’s abuse “counts” because it’s all just a lot of big meanies spoiling HER Church.
The Klaire’s of this world are now the biggest obstacle to the Church finally making this scandal right.
Also, the Catholic Church is not one Pope. That’s idolatry. The Catholic Church is me as much as it’s the Klaire’s of the world, as much as it is any Pope or saint or priest or bishop.
But the Klaire’s of this world want anyone who dares to speak up, who dares to hold accountable the hierarchy of the Church for their deliberate and criminal aiding and abetting of child abuse, for their perpetuating child abuse, for their willfully placing children in harm’s way over and over again, to go away, to shut up, because we’re being “uncharitable”.
Where’s Klaire’s charity in her insistance on deflecting the truth of this scandal by her continual whining that, so what, other people did it to and the NYT and Maureen Dowd are trying to destroy the Church.
Maureen Dowd destroy the Church? That old bag can’t even get her tired old arse laid, and we’re worried she’s going to single-handedly take down the Church?
You know, if the Klaires and Bill Donohues didn’t respond, if they didn’t give her the time of day, she’d move on to another topic, but, no, they keep it going.
I have no problem with Maureen Dowd — she actually makes some good points, albeit in a sophomorically snarky way. The NYT can be dealt with by continuing to refute the factual flaws in the reporting. But getting into a screeching match with Maureen Dowd? Grow up.
Evil is much more insidious than ol’ Mo. It’s Klaire and Bill Donohue and those in the Church who are incapable of calling the abuse what it is, calling the cover up what it is. Because of them, this WILL happen again. Because of them, some perv somewhere is getting the notion that, hey, the Church still may be his or her best bet for unaccounted for and unsupervised access to victims. Because he or she knows the Klaire’s of this world will sell out innocent kids to protect the image of the Church.
You got a problem with that, buddy-boy, too bad for you. Deal.

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