The Deacon's Bench

Thomas Peters broke the story yesterday, with the snapshot above: Oprah ( no last name necessary) is interviewing a group of sisters, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, for her TV show next week.   The Anchoress ( no last name necessary) is a big fan of theirs, by the way, and also has more info..

I think this is just terrific. The fact that Winfrey is bringing these gals on during February sweeps is telling — she knows that they’ll be a draw, and that she’s offering something the world rarely sees, and probably doesn’t quite understand. I’m sure she has a lot of questions, and I have no doubt she’ll get some great answers.

And there’s this: when was the last time a global audience of tens of millions — the majority of them, women — actually saw on television a group of happy nuns? Who knows what kind of impact that could have, on vocations or on evangelization. 

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