The Deacon's Bench

Well, it didn’t look exactly like the picture above (which was taken a year ago) but Huntington’s seminary on Long Island is about the same, and we did have a nice dusting of snow on the ground for my weekend diaconate retreat. Now, I’m back. A good time was had by all.

For the retreat, Fr. Joe Fonti discussed in four conferences the four moments of the mass where the deacon speaks: the penitential rite, the liturgy of the word, the sign of peace, and the dismissal. It was a great idea, and gave us much to ponder.

During some down time, we also had the chance to watch the movie “Romero,” with Raul Julia, which I’d never seen. More than a few of us staggered out of the screening room with tears in our eyes.

I brought my camera, but never took it out of its bag. (That may be a good thing.) But if you visit my post from last year, you can see more pictures of this gorgeous seminary and read what the experience was like.

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