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That’s one of the fundamental messages contained in the funeral homily below, from Msgr. Charles Pope, of the Archdiocese of Washington.

He writes about his approach here, and explains:

I will admit that some of the things I say are tough. But remember, I only have them once and I have to come right to the point. No one will follow an uncertain trumpet. A very few have criticized my approach by insisting that funerals are sensitive times and we ought just to console the grieving family and say pleasant and encouraging things. Others, especially the older ones come to me and say, “Thanks Father, there are people in my family that needed to hear it!” But in the end I cannot preach either to please or displease man. Rather, I have a conviction that this is what God would have me do. I cannot waste an opportunity to clearly warn, as Jesus often did, that judgment day is coming, and maybe sooner than you or I expect. We have to be ready for, at an hour that we do not expect the Son of Man will come (eg Mat 24:44).

Strong stuff.  And, I think, often necessary.  It’s a kind of homiletic tough love.  Is it too tough?   
Give a listen to part of his homily below. See what you think.

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