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“By 2025, almost three-quarters of Catholics will live in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and that figure does not even count people of the global South living in the North–for instance, the 60 or 70 million U.S. residents who will then claim Latino origin. By 2050, the nations with the largest Catholic populations will be (in descending order): Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, France, Italy, Nigeria and Argentina. All these projections have a sizable margin of error. The inclusion of France, for instance, is dubious when recent surveys show less than half of French people accept even a notional Catholic label. Surely, baptism alone does not make a Catholic for life? But the broad picture is beyond question. By 2050, the Catholic Church will be, overwhelmingly, a Southern institution. The Vatican, arguably, is located two thousand miles too far north.”

 — Phillip Jenkins, writing about a new book by the great John Allen, “The Future Church”

H/T to Rod.

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