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What’s really wrong with living together? I stumbled on this provocative take on the subject over at New Advent. The author, a sociologist, ticks off a few of the problems some of the co-habitating poor encounter, and then concludes that […]

That is how America’s Michael Sean Winters begins his critique of the Chris Matthews-Bishop Tobin smackdown. And Winters goes on to make some good points about how badly the Church deals with the media: Sunday before last, the priest at […]

“Don’t worry about the crying child. All of that crying just means that the Catholic Church has a future. If you go into a church that does not have a crying baby, that church is in trouble. It has no […]

Or so it seems, as he goes yelling after Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin over L’affair Kennedy. My two cents: Tobin should have known what he was in for. When you’re a Catholic bishop and a producer from MSNBC calls […]

The news that Pope John Paul evidently engaged in self-mortification — whipping himself as a form of penance — has sparked some curiosity about this ancient practice. The BBC has some background: Flagellation is the beating or whipping of the […]

She was up at the crack of dawn to sing for the crowd at the TODAY show. It was a chilly November morning, but this performance could make you melt.  Behold: Susan Boyle’s gorgeous interp of “Cry Me A River.”

John Allen has a few interesting thoughts about the Patrick Kennedy-Bishop Thomas Tobin communion clash: I have no insider scoop to offer, but I can summarize here what I’ve been saying on-air: the most interesting question about the story isn’t […]

“Holy Communion in the Catholic Church is one of the holy sacraments. Practicing Roman Catholics believe in extreme unction; in other words, that the wine and unleavened bread are transformed into the actual body and blood of Christ – a […]

“For the archdiocese and Catholic Charities, two core tenets of our faith are at the heart of our concerns: our understanding of the nature of marriage and our commitment to expressing Christ’s love through service to others. Under the legislative […]

Another high profile Catholic politician — and one who is no stranger to clashing with bishops — has added his two cents to the Kennedy-Tobin debate: Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo said Sunday that church leaders should be cautious […]