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That was when American Catholics first stepped into church and experienced the “New Mass.” And Catholic traditionalist Kenneth J. Wolfe notes the event — and its aftermath — in today’s New York Times, citing as his villain Annibale Bugnini, who […]

Wherein the medium for evangelizing is an athlete’s face: Tonight is Tim Tebow’s last home game as a Florida Gator, and he is guiding the Gators to a comfortable 37-10 fourth-quarter lead over rival Florida State. His eye blacks contain […]

Well, if people see Mary all over the place, why not Jesus, too? From the Boston Globe: Until this week, Mary Jo Coady had never given her iron a second thought. Then she saw a likeness of Jesus staring back […]

“Johnny announced to his mother one Sunday morning that he had two good reasons for not going to church that day.  ‘First, I am tired and need more sleep. Second, nobody likes me there.’  His mother replied: ‘Johnny, I have […]

I suspect most Catholics don’t know the name Martin Rinkart. But this Lutheran deacon and composer left us a beautiful testament to faith and thanksgiving: he composed the hymn “Now Thank We All Our God.” Some details about his life […]

A lot of us know the story. It was the autumn of 1621. In Plymouth, Massachusetts, after a rich harvest, the men, women and children who had survived the first year in the New World gathered for a feast to […]

Here’s something to be thankful for tomorrow: the Trappists at Genesee, celebrating their 50th year in upstate New York. (Those of us who loved Henri Nouwen’s “Genesee Diary” will find this brief video especially captivating.) Enjoy.

The perp involved in a crime that took place more than half a century ago has evidently had a change of heart: The mystery of a portable radio stolen 54 years ago from a Clarke College teacher’s lounge may never […]

This is just a hoot. Enjoy. H/T to Fran , who put it up on her Facebook page. I’m still smiling. 

This is a holiday tradition I love. At my in-laws, someone (usually the youngest at the table) always reads George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation at the dinner table. To put us all in the mood, here it is: Whereas it is […]