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More details are emerging on the Apostolic Constitution — and what it may mean for the celibate priesthood (not much, frankly):

Former Anglicans entering the Catholic Church can preserve their liturgical traditions, married priests in some circumstances and even a shade of their consultative decision-making processes, according to Pope Benedict XVI’s document on new structures for welcoming the former Anglicans. 

The pope’s apostolic constitution “Anglicanorum Coetibus” (“Groups of Anglicans”) was published Nov. 9 at the Vatican along with specific norms governing the establishment and governance of “personal ordinariates,” structures similar to dioceses, for former Anglicans who become Catholic. 

As previously announced by the Vatican, the text said there could be exemptions to the church’s celibacy rule to allow married former Anglican priests to be ordained as Catholic priests. However, it emphasized that this would be done on a “case-by-case basis.” 

An accompanying Vatican statement said the possibility of having some married clergy under this special arrangement “does not signify any change in the church’s discipline of clerical celibacy.”

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