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Some people might start to wonder. One company based in California (where else?) is taking the notion of designer babies to the extreme:

Want your baby to look like Prince William? Easy.

Michael Phelps? Done.

A California fertility company whose anonymous sperm donors bear uncanny resemblances to the prince, the swim god and other men of note is about to plant its flag in Manhattan.

California Cryobank’s Donor Look-A-Likes service offers would-be parents the chance to search for prospective donors based on which famous face the sperm donor most closely resembles.

“I wish I could say all our donors look like Brad Pitt or Warren Beatty,” said Scott Browne, a spokesman for the Los Angeles-based company. “But we know that donors look like all types.”

So the searchable California Cryobank database at leaves room for look-alikes of all shapes, sizes and even questionable celebrity sizzle.

There’s a 6-foot atheist with looks comparable to “Incredible Hulk” muscleman Lou Ferrigno and quarterbacks Vinny Testaverde and Tim Tebow, and a 5-foot-10 landscaper who somehow manages to simultaneously resemble “Jackass” stuntman Steve O and “Beverly Hills 90210” star Ian Ziering.

There also are donors who bear passing resemblances to soccer stud David Beckham, magic man David Blaine, washed-up child star Corey Haim, dreadlocked slugger Manny Ramirez and the recently deceased celebrity entertainer DJ AM. And there’s even one donor who looks like notorious baby daddy Jon Gosselin.

The names most frequently searched for on the Web site, Browne said, include actors Paul Walker, Ben Affleck and Scott Caan, and jocks Luke Walton, Jeremy Shockey and Brett Favre.

“The intention is not to suggest the child will look like one of the celebrities,” Browne said. “It’s just to personalize the donor.”

There’s more at the link.

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