The Deacon's Bench

I’m movin’ on up.

In the next several days, you’ll find “The Deacon’s Bench” at a new address, with a new look. The good people at Beliefnet have invited me over there, to take up the Catholic corner of real estate that used to be occupied by Amy Welborn and David Gibson, two FOBs (Friends of the Bench) who kindly suggested to the landlords that I would be a good tenant and not make much of a mess. (Thankfully, no one thought to ask my wife for a reference.)

I’ll pass along more information soon, along with the new address. I’m told the Beliefnetters will redirect readers automatically to the new site; once there you’ll find all my archives and the usual stuff. The blog will be the same, the content will be the same, and I hope the tone and spirit of The Bench will remain the same, too.

Stay tuned.

Meantime, the new header for the blog is below. (Yeah, I know. But what could we do? George Clooney was unavailable.)

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