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As the year devoted to St. Paul draws to a close, there’s word that the Vatican ordered tests performed on the saint’s tomb and the bones it contains. From the Associated Press: The first-ever scientific tests on what are believed […]

Yet another chapter in the unfolding soap opera that is Alberto Cutie: Friday he got married at a historic Episcopalian church. From the Miami Herald: A day after Alberto Cutié walked away from a picturesque Spanish monastery as a married […]

A writer in this weekend’s New York Times recounts her journey back to the church of her youth. I’m not quite sure what it is that captivates her about the Church since, as you read on, you discover that she […]

That’s the question posed by this item in the New York Times. It’s elicited over 1,000 responses so far. Care to weigh in?

It’s a question as old as time, and it’s the first question posed in the video below. This lovely meditation on monasticism offers ample food for thought as we begin the Year for Priests. Enjoy. And a grateful h/t to […]

Over the past several days, we’ve been inundated with stories, pictures, soundbites about three high-profile people who passed away: Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and, of course, Michael Jackson. It has given us all an opportunity to think about living and […]

A recent high-profile extramarital affair has prompted New York Times to take a closer look at the institution of marriage — and what it finds might surprise you: Despite strong social riptides working against it — the liberalization of divorce […]

Actually, it’s Worcester, to be precise. Just as in the days of the early Church, the diocese recently welcomed seven men into the diaconate. From the Catholic Free Press: An inspiration to return to the Catholic Church. An opportunity to […]

Some people bring bibles to church. Some bring rosaries. One pastor is encouraging his flock to pack heat. From the New York Times: Ken Pagano, the pastor of the New Bethel Church here, is passionate about gun rights. He shoots […]

“I loved his music. His young voice was almost a miracle, his poise in retrospect eery, his joy, tempered by pain, often unbearably uplifting. He made the greatest music video of all time; and he made some of the greatest […]