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You never know where anti-Catholic bigotry might pop up — and the New York Daily News has the story of an ugly incident that took place at one of New York’s finest hotels: The manager of one of the city’s […]

The New York Times reported the surprising (shocking?) news that former CNN anchor Bobbie Battista is now anchoring faux news on The Onion (it would be much funnier if it were faux news on FOX, but I digress…) If you […]

You can expect more noise about this little movie in the coming weeks — some reports suggest the Vatican will call for a boycott — but anyone who’s curious can see the official movie poster below. There’s nothing scarier than […]

Almighty Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,You have revealed the beauty of Your powerby exalting the lowly virgin of Nazarethand making her the mother of our Savior.May the prayers of this womanbring Jesus to the waiting worldand fill the void […]

“At this dark moment in time…what is being announced is hope. Mary, we’re told, was troubled at what she heard. But what follows is a message for all of us. In our moments of confusion, when we are troubled by […]

The latest episode of “In the Arena” is available online. This week’s topic: vocations. Guests include a seminarian, the Vocations Director for the Diocese of Brooklyn, a couple Little Sisters of the Poor, and, as always, the popular Elizabeth Scalia […]

A short time ago, John D’Arcy, the bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend — the diocese of Notre Dame — issued a statement about the Obama commencement speech: On Friday, March 21, Father John Jenkins, CSC, phoned to inform me that […]

H/T to Dr. McNamara, who discovered this gem at the blog of another Queens clergyman, the pastor over at St. Sebastian’s, Msgr. Hardiman.

Further proof — if any were needed — that anyone can have a blog, and there is a blog for anyone. This is called — with breathtaking precision —Your Logo Makes Me Barf. One example, below.

President Obama’s planned appearance at Notre Dame appears to have sparked a backlash among some on campus — and among a number of Catholics, according to MSNBC: In today’s edition of the student newspaper, The Observer, letters to the editor, […]