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Some noteworthy deacon news from the Catholic News Agency: they’ve launched a regular column by Deacon Patrick Moynihan:

CNA is excited to introduce a new current events and political column written by Deacon Patrick Moynihan, a permanent deacon for the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois who spent ten years directing a mission school in Haiti. The column, scheduled to be updated every Friday, is titled “Both Oars In.”

“I chose the title ‘Both Oars In’ to honor the wisdom and spirituality brought to us by Pope John Paul II,” Deacon Moynihan explains. “To row straight toward God, we must be about Faith and Works; we must be willing to examine life under the dual lenses of Theology and Social Doctrine. I hope readers find my commentaries on events and the politics of the day balanced, but never lukewarm. The Truth rarely is.”

After receiving his B.A. in Sanskrit and Classics from Brown University and an M.A. in Religious Studies from Providence College, Moynihan taught Latin and English at a Catholic high school. He then worked trading commodities, futures and options for an international trading company before spending ten years in Haiti directing a free Catholic mission school for academically gifted children.

In 2001, Moynihan was ordained a permanent deacon for the Diocese of Rockford, IL where he was the director of formation and later the head of the Office for the Permanent Diaconate from 2001 to 2006. He is now assigned to a “three parish community” in upstate South Carolina where he, his wife and four children moved in 2008 to spend time with his aging parents.

Comfortable with not being among his own, Deacon Moynihan enjoys bringing those who are willing into the camps of others.

Deacon Moynihan adds, “I enjoy the challenge of finding relevant Church teaching to illuminate daily events. This not only sheds light on the good and the bad, it demonstrates the validity and intellectual integrity of Catholicism. It is exciting to know that we belong and offer to others a vibrant and intelligent Faith.”

You can find the good deacon’s column right here. Enjoy.

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