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If the Vatican hoped the controversy about the SSPX would just quietly go away, well, it won’t.

The Society’s official website has some eye-opening, jaw-dropping statements that indicate that anti-Semitism isn’t just a passing fancy with one or two members.

America’s Jim Martin posted this item this morning:

Is anti-Semitism a pattern that pervades the Society of St. Pius X, or is it simply a bigotry expressed by only a few members?

The Society’s website indicates the former. This appalling article, entitled “The Mystery of the Jews,” is still on their official American website, as of this morning (Saturday).

It includes these comments, which read less like a modern theological reflection on the Jewish faith and more like Mein Kampf. For the record, the article was written in 1997:

“It is public knowledge that the Jewish sector, relatively small compared to the Gentile sector which devotes itself to the creation of wealth, controls especially the financial power that is exercised through banks.”

“Then these Jews, in the name of their Law, their Torah, and to serve the material interests of their nation and race, demanded the blood of Him who had been promised them as their blessing. They stirred up the Gentiles against Jesus. Using them to carry out their plans, they crucified the One who was to be raised up as a “sign of contradiction”.

“Judaism is inimical to all nations in general, and in a special manner to Christian nations.”

“Catholics are not to enter into commercial, social, nor political relations which are bound hypocritically to seek the ruin of Christendom. Jews must not live together with Christians because this is what their own Jewish laws ordain and also because their errors and material superiority have virulent consequences among other peoples.”

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