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For your Christmas enjoyment: a wonderful kind of homecoming, courtesy The Dish.

A few years ago, I caught an episode of the cable TV show “Inside The Actor’s Studio,” with James Lipton. If you’ve seen it, you know the basic idea: Lipton invites celebrities – famous actors, writers and directors – to […]

Those who will be crowding into Midnight Mass tonight will hear, once again, the glorious nativity story as told by Luke. (In my homily for tonight, I call it “the greatest beginning of the greatest story every told.”) For a […]

This snapshot comes to us from a mall in Oklahoma City, via the AP. Meantime, it seems that Santa is coming under attack from some surprising corners — the clergy.

Midnight mass at my parish. The church is filled. A few people bundled in coats hurry in from the cold as the lights dim. The voices start. It’s the choir up in the loft: “Once in Royal David’s city…” and […]

Looking back on the year’s events, few were more memorable or fruitful than the visit of Pope Benedict in the spring. The pictures above, by Gregory Shemitz, capture a small part of that great moment. You can see even more […]

If, as Leon Bloy proclaimed, “joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God,” what are we to make of this crimped, cramped, constipated cri de coeur? Clearly, Christopher Hitchens is not a happy man.

That verse from Hebrews popped into my mind when I saw this amazing video. Behold, gymnast Boyanka Angelova — as near to being an angel as you will see here on earth.

The ad agency that created this devilish ad for NET is making news again. Check out Broadcasting & Cable, and the Hollywood Reporter. Meantime, tell Wolfgang to save me the usual table…

The ad below says it all, from Happy Catholic.