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Well, this made me put down my coffee cup and go “Wow.” A father, a son, a conversion, and more. From the Times of London: In what is believed to be a first, a father and son, both former Anglican […]

I’m a little late in posting this bit of technological wizardry, but the priest who developed this little marvel was kind enough to send me an e-mail (from Italy, no less!) and asked if I’d spread the word. I’m happy […]

Continuing its series on “priests without borders,” on the influx of foreign priests into the U.S., the New York Times today has this inspiring, poignant profile of one African priest who has settled in Kentucky: The Rev. Chrispin Oneko, hanging […]

Another married man, a convert, is about to become a priest. The local paper in San Angelo, Texas, has the scoop on a cleric named Waldo: Waldo Emerson “Knick” Knickerbocker, a married former Episcopalian minister, will be ordained as a […]

One of the most famous — and, in some quarters, infamous — figures in American Catholicism sat down for a chat recently with the Boston Globe’s Michael Paulson. Here’s part of the interview with priest, theologian, writer and — last […]

Photo: by James Estrin, the New York Times The New York Times has taken notice of something many of us here in the U.S. have known for a while: more of our priests are not American. Here’s a snip: Sixteen […]

Just before Christmas, the New York Times had a terrific piece on the good work being done by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (Fr. Benedict Groeschel’s boys) in the South Bronx. Take a look: Hearing a knock at the […]

With the Feast of the Holy Family on Sunday, the Catholic Standard in Washington has a wonderful glimpse at how one family aspiring to holiness produced two priests — one of whom is about to be ordained a bishop. And […]

Your Humble Blogger, with Fr. Frank Passenant and my pastor, Msgr. Joe Funaro, just before Midnight mass.

If your name is Von Trapp, and you’re the grandson of that fabled former nun, you decide to turn the lemons of Hollywood into lemonade. The New York Times catches up with the family heirs and what they’re up to […]