The Deacon's Bench

This happens so rarely, you can’t help but sit up and take notice.

A government official in Australia was denied communion on Christmas Eve. And, it seems, it was all a big mistake.

From the local press:

Attorney-General Rob Hulls was refused communion in a Catholic church over the State Government’s Bill to legalise abortion.

A minister assisting the priest refused to serve communion to Mr Hulls, placing his hand over the communion cup during a children’s mass, the Herald Sun has been told.

The incident happened at St Monica’s Church in Moonee Ponds on Christmas Eve.

Churchgoers said Mr Hulls walked up to the altar with his children in his arms, but was refused communion.

An embarrassing stand-off lasted more than a minute until Mr Hulls moved to a second queue, where parish priest Fr Peter Kenny gave him the sacrament.

Sources said Mr Hulls felt humiliated by the snub.

Mr Hulls voted against the abortion Bill, and his wife, Carolyn Burnside, is a pro-life lawyer.

As Attorney-General, Mr Hulls had referred the proposed legislation to the Law Reform Commission.

Last night Fr Kenny described the incident as a misunderstanding.

“Mr Hulls is here regularly. I know his children. It was my understanding that he was waiting for me to give his children a blessing, which I did.

“I had no hesitation in giving him communion.”

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