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You may recall last week’s story about a woman who charged that she was ordered to leave church over the Obama signs on her car.

Now the priest at the center of the storm has two words to add: I’m sorry.

From the Times Herald paper in California:

A Roman Catholic priest who allegedly chased a parishioner out of a Fairfield church last week issued an apology Sunday.

The Rev. Sebastian Meyer of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church read an apology during weekend masses and sent a letter to Joe and Elizabeth Caster.

Meyer allegedly chased Elizabeth Caster from the church Nov. 9 for having pro-Barack Obama messages on her car. The car was illegally parked in a loading zone, along with two other vehicles, but Meyer did not mention the other two, Caster said in an interview earlier in the week.

“I identified the car by describing the Obama for president signs that were on it,” Meyer’s apology reads.

“The fact is I over-reacted, and some of you, including the owner of the car, interpreted my remarks as critical of President-elect Obama, when all I really meant to do — and should have done — was make a simple announcement asking the owner to move their car.”

Meyer goes on to apologize for his “poor judgment” and said he “never meant to be disrespectful.”

The Casters declined to comment Sunday.

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