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September 2008 Archives

Here’s some timely and thought-provoking advice on faith and politics, from the place that reminds us all that we are summoned to be instruments of peace. This comes from Zenit: Catholics need to wake up when it comes to politics, […]

“We must feel small before God. I am not ashamed to feel like a child before his mother; one believes in one’s mother; I believe in the Lord, in what he has revealed to me.” — Pope John Paul I, […]

From the Right In My Own Backyard Desk, we have this interesting report on the only all-boys Catholic high school on Long Island: Unlike most Roman Catholic schools in the New York area, which embrace students regardless of their religion, […]

From Alaska comes news — for once — about something other than Sarah Palin. It’s a dramatic move by parishes to deal with the priest shortage. This, from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Dubbed “Priestless Sunday,” next weekend will find parish […]

Deacon Scott Dodge links to a timely piece in America, which includes a list of 10 things to remember this fall when it comes to voting and the Catholic conscience. Drumroll, please: 1. Not all issues are equal- Life issues […]

What effect does prayer have on the brain? Michael Gerson at the Washington Post has an intriguing take: Elin Danien quietly listens to a meditation tape, eyes closed, as the radioactive tracer is injected into her IV, freezing a picture […]

In his book, “The Waters of Siloe,” Thomas Merton tells the true story of a French businessman in the months after World War II. The businessman had been born and raised Catholic. But he’d forgotten about his faith has he […]

What’s it like for a priest from Pennsylvania to become an archbishop in Kentucky? John Allen has a pretty interesting interview with Louisville’s Joseph Kurtz, in which he talks about southern Catholicism, the importance of vocations — he’s a real […]

Many of us are familiar with the annual Red Mass, celebrated for lawyers, or the Blue Mass, for law enforcement officers. Now comes word of another color added to the liturgical rainbow: a Gold Mass. From the Catholic Standard in […]

One of the world’s most famous converts spoke recently about his faith and the importance of understanding other religions. Here’s the London Telegraph: Tony Blair spoke candidly of how studying other religions had strengthened his Catholic faith as he took […]