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The gentleman pictured below has a special ministry to race car drivers in Michigan. (Perhaps he also enjoys a good game of checkers? Gotta love that stole.) Check out — ha! — his story right here: Before the big race […]

Now that the McCain candidacy has become the McCain-Palin ticket, more attention is being focused on the compelling personal story of Sarah Palin. Most inspiring of all: her devotion to her Down Syndrome son, born just this past April. This […]

Looking to do a little web surfing over the long holiday weekend? I recently got word of two websites that may be worth your while — both Catholic, both related to the media. The first, Catholic Media House, collects inspirational […]

Alaska’s governor is reportedly John McCain’s pick to be his running mate. What do we know about her? Wikipedia has the scoop. In a nutshell: She’s 44 and was elected governor two years ago. When she was a teenager, she […]

This is a remarkable piece of news, from the City of Angels, and a wonderful reminder that the Church is continuing to thrive and grow. It comes from Cardinal Roger Mahony himself, in the pages of his archdiocescan newspaper, The […]

Trolling around the ‘net, doing my usual morning reconaissance for Catholic news nuggets, I found this review of Barack Obama’s speech last night, from a Catholic priest: The Obama speech was tedious, verbose, unoriginal. I thought I was at Confirmation […]

Deacons come from all walks of life, but here’s a new deacon with a particularly unusual resume, from Canada: For almost 40 years, Jean-Paul Tremblay investigated crime, first as a supervisor with the Sûreté du Québec in Low, Hull and […]

The video above has been making the rounds all day. It shows Catholic priests and pro-life demonstrators being arrested outside the Pepsi Center in Denver. The Denver Post describes what happened: Denver police arrested 13 anti-abortion protesters after they sat […]

A reader generously sent me this link. Take a look.

While the casual observer — or even the casual Catholic — might think we are one-issue voters,it’s instructive to remember now and then that we aren’t. Joe Biden’s speech last night was a bracing reminder of that. My own father […]