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“If women are being called to the priesthood then why is it only dissident women that are being called? Where are the women being ordained that have a preference for the extraordinary form of the Mass? Why do they always […]

Chant has been rebounding in popularity for some time now, ever since those Benedictine monks released their blockbuster recording several years back. Now the Cistercians have gotten into the act — and they are also causing a musical sensation: It […]

Once, churches were sanctuaries for refugees and hunchbacked bellringers. Now, anyone can live there. More and more canny developers are transforming abandoned churches into condos. And the Boston Globe takes note: When developer Tony Pace had the chance to turn […]

Want to see inside the mind of a reporter? Sounds scary — but this is actually fascinating and fruitful. Boston Globe reporter Michael Paulson covers one of the bigger beats in Beantown, religion, and he’s just launched a blog at […]

There’s been a lot of ink spilled lately on the 40th anniversary of the landmark encyclical Humanae Vitae. But one of the most insightful and objective examinations of the subject, I think, seems to be this one, from John Allen, […]

Over the last few weeks in Matthew’s gospel we’ve been hearing the Kingdom of God unfold in a series of parables. The images presented are striking. A mustard seed. Yeast. A treasure. A pearl. These were all things that the […]

Just when you thought the world couldn’t sink any lower…it did. Someone took Barack Obama’s prayer out of the Western Wall, and published it. A private communication, between a man and The Almighty, is now public. And a few of […]

Word is trickling out from Rome that the first phase of new English translations of the mass have been approved. It will likely be another 2-4 years before we start hearing them in church. But the article below from CNS […]

This gifted man — who was himself a gift — is gone. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor whose final lecture inspired millions, has died of pancreatic cancer. Dr. Pausch, 47, who turned […]

I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, we’ve all heard it: clapping during mass. I know one or two priests who encourage it (to express appreciation for the choir or to pay tribute to an usher turning 80) but sometimes it […]