The Deacon's Bench

Elsewhere, I posted about the priest who spoke at Barack Obama’s church last Sunday, and the furor that’s causing.

But get a load of this: Msgr. Jim Lisante, former head of the Christophers, and a pastor in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, delivering an invocation at a Republican fundraiser — and tacitly endorsing John McCain.

If this doesn’t cross a line, I don’t know what does. As Jim Martin has noted, “In 2007, the U.S. Catholic of Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement that read, in part, ‘A Catholic organization may not directly or indirectly make any statement, in any medium, to endorse, support, or oppose any candidate for public office, political party, or PAC.’

You can read more about Lisante’s prayer right here. But take a look:

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