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Well, ain’t this something: Hillary Clinton is wearing faith on her sleeve. Or her wrist. The American Papist has the scoop. But the pictures speak for themselves. Interestingly — or not — it also appears that Hillary captured the Catholic […]

If you’re wondering what transpired between the pope and the victimsof sex abuse whom he met during his visit, check out this remarkable story: Olan Horne, 48, a survivor of clerical sex abuse, believes that Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to […]

One of the best dissections of the papal visit — and this particular pope — can be found over at Pajamas Media, where The Anchoress has posted this superb insight: After the glamor and punched-up charisma of John Paul II, […]

Even non-Catholics can’t help but admit that this pope is impressive. Take this, for example, from a columnist in Chicago, wrestling with the Church’s stance on abortion: To believe in God’s autonomy over human life, however, is a hard sell. […]

U.S. News & World Report has a good piece on the priest shortage that’s worth reading. It also has the picture above, which carries this caption: A priest blesses a boy as he prepares to receive communion during the Papal […]

MCPF Stephen Colbert turned to another CPF of Your Humble Blogger, Fr. James Martin, SJ last night for some analysis on the pope. And it was delightful. Click and watch and enjoy. These two should go on the road.

While so many of us have been turning East, and focusing on the events in Washington and New York over the last several days, John Allen at NCR took some time to look westward. He’s got a fascinating piece in […]

This is truly something to see: a massive Eucharistic procession held recently at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. It’s an annual event on campus. You can read more about it at the blog link, and see many more pictures, […]

They’re name is Libera, and they performed as part of the pope’s warm up at Yankee Stadium. They’re really something. This is a song of theirs called “Far Away.” Enjoy.

Still hungry for pope stuff? Those who are curious can read my wrap-up of the papal mass over at the CBS Evening News blog, Couric & Co.