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That is exactly what the immigrant in this story is seeking — and for the time being, a Methodist church is willing to provide it: A Mexican woman says she is “picking up the torch” from another illegal resident who […]

The History Channel has tried to give the most realistic depiction yet of the face of Christ, creating a 3-D image based on the Shroud of Turin. ABC News took a look, below.

That’s the provocative question at the heart of this essay by Robert Stackpole, STD, from Catholic Online: Catholic voters find themselves just as bewildered as other Americans this election year. Faced with a more colourful line-up of candidates touting a […]

Good writers are rare — good Catholic writers, even rarer. But now an author is giving us his insight into Catholic literature, from this interview with Zenit: Good Catholic writers need to be sustained and nourished by a rich culture, […]

Every now and then, we all need to be reminded. A classmate once told me about some advice he received from a priest on the subject of preaching: “Just remember,” the priest said, “to tell the people that God loves […]

The Anchoress just posted a lovely rendition of Ave Verum. Ironically, the version by Mozart was ringing in my ears yesterday morning: our choir sang it during communion at the 11:30 mass. Here’s a gorgeous recording I found on YouTube.

The recent conversion of Tony Blair is continuing to stir controversy, and now a bishop in Great Britain has written a letter to the local press saying, “Enough already.” The author of the letter is pictured below. He is Rt. […]

This is an interesting wrinkle in this election year — and I’m sure Massachusetts isn’t the only place confronting this issue: A Catholic church serving as a polling location won’t have to cover up religious images on election day. Officials […]

My favorite gal in a wimple has just notified me that I’ve been “meme’d”, which I think is a good thing. The meme is this: 1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).2. Open the book […]

This is a little off the beaten path for me, but it’s just such a rich and fascinating interview, I thought it worth sharing. It comes to us from the Washington Post’s On Faith section (whose virtues I’ve extolled several […]