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The Deacon's Bench
November 2007 Archives

While everyone picks apart last night’s GOP debate, and ponders what lies ahead in Iowa, the Wall Street Journal takes a wider view. This is one to clip and hang on your refrigerator. Or, maybe, in your cubicle. Key snippet: […]

I can’t imagine this initiative will fly, but you never know: St. Francis Cabrini church, of the St. Paul and Minneapolis archdiocese, has announced on their website that they are ready to “bless” homosexual partners. The parish has published a […]

With the 150th anniversary of the Lourdes apparitions approaching next year, there is more attention than usual being focused on this remarkable place — and now the bishop who oversees that corner of France has paid a visit to the […]

A now-legendary photograph of Philadelphia’s John Cardinal Krol, ca. 1975, taken by now-Cardinal (then priest and editor) John Foley. Read all about it right here. Photo: Catholic News Service

There’s a tiny corner of Catholicism we don’t hear much about, way up near the Arctic Circle. But the website Total Catholic has just corrected that injustice, with a look at Catholic life among the handful of the faithful in […]

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this oddity, from St. Louis, but it’s certainly, um, different: Residents along Milton Road could be saved from the view of a hulking cell phone tower if one company has its way. […]

I’ve always been impressed at the surprisingly large number of cops and former cops who find themselves attracted to the diaconate. There are a number of them in the Diocese of Brooklyn — each enthusiastically continuing the vocation to serve […]

Football season is winding down — which makes this profile of a Milwaukee coach all the more timely, and important. For Coach Bob Hyland, coming off a 3-7 season, winning isn’t the point: Hyland was pleased with the effort, determination […]

Some news from the other side of the world: Australia has chosen a native son to provide some of the important artwork that will be on display for World Youth Day 2008: The work of Richard Campbell, an Australian from […]

Here’s something you don’t read every day: a mother’s letter about her daughter, a cloistered nun. It’s a beautiful testament of faith and love and joy. You’ll want to read it all, but here’s part: Sarah had countless interests. She […]