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It seems you can never be too careful about the kinds of pictures you choose to hang on your wall — especially when the art is provocative and offensive. What kind of art might that be?

Why, a picture of Jesus, of course.

From the London Telegraph:

A religious man was suspended from his job at Manchester Airport after he hung a picture of Jesus on his staff room wall.

Car park supervisor Gareth Langmead found the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as he was clearing out a desk drawer.

Unable to throw the image out, the 40-year-old Catholic hung the picture – sacred to many devout Catholics – on the wall of the staff rest room.

But his actions earned him a three-day suspension, after a Muslim colleague complained that it had been put up as an act of provocation.

Mr Langmead was escorted off the airport and was suspended while airport management investigated the complaint.

Mr Langmead, of Atherton, Greater Manchester, was eventually reinstated without a blemish on his record after airport bosses decided he had done nothing wrong.

An airport spokesman said Mr Langmead had not complained about his treatment, but lessons had been learned about the way the situation was handled.

In light of the incident, the airport Chaplain and his team would now work with employees to “foster a greater level of understanding about each other’s beliefs”, the spokesman said.

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