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Some might be surprised to learn that one of the highest ranking men in the curia…is a woman. They might be even more surprised to learn that Pope Benedict has affirmed that, and seems intent on doing more of the […]


Here’s something that’s so unusual and rare, well, it’s just, just…incredibly cool: a deacon who’s a novelist, and who just had his book made into a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt. Ron Hansen has been published a lot in […]


After months of increased tension, and weeks of internal debate, the Episcopal Church has cleared its throat and made a statement regarding gay ordinations and marriages: Episcopal leaders, who are struggling to hold together their increasingly divided church and maintain […]


Hot on the heels of Newsweek’s controversial interview with Jessica Rowley, the San Jose Mercury News has another curious article, about a woman celebrating her wedding anniversary by celebrating a special mass: Like many devout Catholics, Juanita and Don Cordero […]

What’s wrong with homilies today? Elizabeth Tenety, who contributes to the Washington Post’s provocative and always-interesting On Faith section, sums it up for her generation with this entry, which blames it all on “Christianity Lite.” Take a look: Advocates of […]

It’s not everyday that you read about a new monastery being built, from scratch, in the United States. But that’s exactly what’s happening with a hardy and devout group of Benedictines in Oklahoma: Benedictine monks will transform 75 large oak […]

Pittsburgh’s new bishop-designate is getting to know his priests — and they are all aware that, like so many dioceses around the country, they have a lot of challenges ahead of them. Most urgently, the shortage of priests. The local […]

How should the Catholic Church deal with couples who are living together and want to get married in the Church? Tough question. As recently as a generation ago, those cases were the exception. Now, they’re the rule. And a conference […]

I can’t believe it took an academic study to figure it out, but here it is: eating together as a family makes for healthier, happier kids. Read on: Social scientists at New York’s Columbia University have discovered certain phrases that […]

With all the attention that the Church focuses on abortion and its aftermath, here is one group often overlooked: the fathers. A California conference later this fall will seek to change that, according to this item from the Catholic News […]