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That’s what someone over at Beliefnet called this rare gem of a U2 video. I won’t disagree. A shout-out to David Kuo, who posted it there the other day. Whatever you call it, it’s a spectacular piece of video art. […]

The nimble pen of Peggy Noonan today addresses one of the more incendiary stories of the last few days: free speech and, in particular, the especially repugnant speech of the President of Iran. Here, in part, is what she had […]

Hot on the heels of one of the most popular and enthusiastically embraced papal encyclicals in the modern era, an American bishop is continuing to spread the news that – in effect – all you need is love. This time, […]

And now Connecticut’s bishops have an answer — and one that will undoubtedly have jaws dropping all over the place. They’ve given approval for Catholic hospitals to dispense a drug that prevents pregnancy in cases of rape. From the AP: […]

You may remember Randy Pausch’s incredible “last lecture” that I posted last week. His story was subsequently picked up by Good Morning America and other news outlets. I preached about his message last Sunday in my homily, and later mentioned […]

…but one of them won’t be this little place on the left. The soon-to-be bishop of Pittsburgh is continuing an episcopal trend begun in Boston and, as announced in this press report, is forgoing the lavish lodgings of his predecessors: […]

Well, who’d have thought? One of America’s leading communications companies has turned its back on a powerful abortion rights group over what it describes as “controversial or unsavory” content. From the New York Times: Saying it had the right to […]

Former Bush speechwriter, and now Washington Post columnist, Michael Gerson has some thoughts this week on the person who has been called “the most religious Democrat since Jimmy Carter.” That would be Hillary Clinton. Consider this: During a question-and-answer session […]

Words for the day: We hear people all the time saying they’re upset with “the Church.” Or that “the Church” has let them down. Or that “the Church” has distorted Christ’s message and needs to be reformed. I agree with […]

…the good people at Commonweal have linked to the Parade profile of My Close Personal Friend Stephen Colbert. Take and read.