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Years ago I wrote, “What is a voice if it remains silent against leagues of tyranny?” Today, I heard from one of the deployed soldiers that my husband and I have “adopted.”  We send supportive packages and letters to him […]

Beginning April 4 Mary Anne guides Focus Phrase™.The theme emphasizes: health, promises to yourself, service with compassion and gratitude.  Enrollment’s until 3/29 for $229, which includes a signed copy of LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO and a host of other […]

People often ask me if receiving  a brand new book I’ve written is like having a baby.  Comparing creating anything to a mom giving birth is a little too much.  While the actual birth experience only exists for me in […]

One of my “phraseologists” has very beautifully described the impact of Radmacher Focus Phrase™ on her life.  I’d love to share it with you.  Even if this doesn’t prompt you to investigate our guided process – perhaps it WILL inspire […]

When ever an author encounters the phenomena of a brand new book being released – I understand nearly everyone has a broad spectrum of excitement.  It comes with pleasure and an awesome responsibility.  It’s important to usher a book into […]