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These are pictures of Carmen Torbus! She’s the author of the book I’m writing about this week. Carmen Torbus is a self-taught mixed media artist and workshop leader from Port St. Lucie, FL.  Self proclaimed bliss follower, big dreamer and […]

Borrowed from my friends at this is poster 27043 and it reads, it’s not a mess. it’s a physical manifestation of a wonderfully complex ability to assess & compartmentalize information.   I was visiting a store owner in St. […]

“REALLY?  One more thing to add to an already crammed day,” the busy mother asks as she reviews the suggested Earth Day events sent home with her daughter’s homework assignments. Go gentle into that busy day, dear souls!   Earth […]

Our lives are simply a succession of nows.   (taken from PROMISES TO MYSELF, Conari Press) Cocoa calmly greeted me as I step out from the post office. Cocoa was an uber friendly chocolate Labrador Retriever. I was buzzingly busy with […]

The irony of the artistic moment was not lost on me. I was laying out a design based on the word IMPERFECTION.  I ran out of space in the design field and had to wrap the last four letters in […]

Larry Eisenberg said, “For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe.”   It was with irony that today I resigned from general manager of everything.   Everything.  I’m in charge of absolutely nothing: but, mostly, the weather […]

It is a big sky and all around the wind is blowing.There is not a cloud in the sky and all around the edge of this islandthe sea is lapping and pushing and crashing.I close my eyes.  The desk and […]

The inside cover of my personal January Journal features a thank you card from my friend, Gina.  It’s there to remind me how important it is to articulate thanks.  Beginning with an internal attitude of thankfulness to verbalizing gratitude for […]