Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

A Prayer in the Midst of Chaos and Political Divides

Dear God,
As I hold in my hand this next, small, utterly unexpected miracle, I know whom to thank.

Thank You.
Thank you for all the ways that you bless my life, soul, heart, view and being. Thank you for the angels you hold so precious in whose company you have allowed me to walk (seen and unseen, acknowledged or ignored) all my life.
Thank you for helping me realize that the days in which it seems so “easy,” is simply because You have gone before and made the way for me.
God: my pathfinder.
Thank you.

Mary Anne

You May Be The One Voice To Make A Difference

Years ago I wrote, “What is a voice if it remains silent against leagues of tyranny?”

Today, I heard from one of the deployed soldiers that my husband and I have “adopted.”  We send supportive packages and letters to him and his platoon.  He made it clear that a government shut down would mean that after one week – his family at home would not be paid.  And that he, whether he was paid or not, would have to show up for work. So on the other side of the world he must concern himself for the safety of his unit AND be worried for the financial security of his family at home.

In the face of such a large issue it is tempting to experience that sense of “I’m just one person – what can I do?”

YOU CAN RAISE YOUR VOICE.  I’m not asking you to hold my opinion.  I am asking you to speak up for yours. And here are the two web addresses where you can discover where to contact your State and Federal elected officials.  They were sent there to represent you.  YOU.  Make sure they do…tell them what’s on your mind.  You may be the one voice that tips the scale and truly makes a difference.  Particularly for my adopted soldier in Afghanistan. Raise your voice.  It matters.





Companion To Reality

You promise yourself. “THIS is the day. This is the day I am going to remain positive.” Or, “THIS is the day I am not going to complain.” And then, five minutes after you show up at work, you’re filling your cup with some hot beverage and the delivery starts.

“Did you hear? Glen Beck is ending his show on Fox. Nobody knows who is going to replace him.”

You might your tongue. You know it doesn’t fit your promise to say what you are thinking about Glen Beck, and his show ending. Then you scoot on past the IT area where you hear the passionate discussion about the birth origins of our current President. “Well, I heard Trump on the news casting serious doubt on the Obama citizenship question.” Ah. AUGH. Your promise is teetering on the edge of the cliff. You ask yourself, “Who, just who would it benefit if I voiced my own doubts about the planetary origins of Trump, himself. And that HAIR?” The positive thing isn’t working out so well. And it hasn’t even hit morning break yet. Then! You remember. A friend of a friend sent you that adorable, free down-loadable PDF that is over the moon positive. Where did that go?

It’s here. http://www.kindovermatter.com/2011/01/freebie-alert-free-positive-thoughts.html

My friend, Amanda, operates Kindovermatter. A .com that exists to celebrate kindness, promote positive sharing and be generous in spite of economic trends. Following that link will take you to a poster that will inspire a different sort of conversational trend…where ever it is you spend your time. As antidote, as companion to the conversational reality around you…remember genuine positive thoughts are game changers. GAME changers…even IF Tiger Woods is not favored to win this year’s Masters…you can win with your own promise to sail through a day with nothing but grace.

Position Number #3

LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO premiered in its first month as the number 2 best seller at simpletruths.com Number two. Right out of the gate. In it’s second month it holds the #3 position. If I were an Olympic competitor both those standings would put me on the Medal Stand.

There is an incessant drive to be NUMBER ONE. It is pervasive. The compulsion for superior performance is every where. But here’s what I know: I already gave my most excellent performance when I turned my manuscript in to Mac Anderson at Simpletruths.com LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO was a marathon. A triathalon! testing my skills as one who longs to inspire.

So I’ll take the Silver Medal for February. I’ll take the Bronze Medal for March. And since I tend to do things backwards…perhaps you will help me realize the GOLD in April. This very day Mac is offering my newest book at $10. (It’s usually $15.95). A good day to get those Graduation, Promotion, Don’t-Worry-It-Will-Get-Better gifts you have been meaning to get.

Is that a contradiction? Saying I already won and asking you to buy my book? Every natural competitor reading this will understand that it isn’t. My Dad, a manufacturing production floor manager drilled in to me, “You are today’s accomplishment, not simply yesterday’s awards.” I also know that having the courage to ask for help is a significant part of realizing one’s vision. Any one, any vision.

So, yes. This is me, asking. I’d like to see my new book take a Number Place on the Stand for the month of April. And I’d be honored if you would help me stand there.

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