Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures


It takes courage

to let go of weighty parts

of your past.

It takes courage

to find your own

voice.  It takes


reinvent joys.

from “Courage Doesn’t Always Roar” by mary anne radmacher


“I was just kidding.”

“Don’t take it so seriously, I was just foolin’ around.”

How many times do you hear those words?  How many times do you say those words?

I am an advocate of many writing practices.  Every one begins with simply paying attention to words.

This video is sweeping the world and inspiring people: with good reason.  Take a moment and allow yourself to really grasp the significance of the words you choose.


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A Prayer in the Midst of Chaos and Political Divides

Dear God,
As I hold in my hand this next, small, utterly unexpected miracle, I know whom to thank.

Thank You.
Thank you for all the ways that you bless my life, soul, heart, view and being. Thank you for the angels you hold so precious in whose company you have allowed me to walk (seen and unseen, acknowledged or ignored) all my life.
Thank you for helping me realize that the days in which it seems so “easy,” is simply because You have gone before and made the way for me.
God: my pathfinder.
Thank you.

Mary Anne

You May Be The One Voice To Make A Difference

Years ago I wrote, “What is a voice if it remains silent against leagues of tyranny?”

Today, I heard from one of the deployed soldiers that my husband and I have “adopted.”  We send supportive packages and letters to him and his platoon.  He made it clear that a government shut down would mean that after one week – his family at home would not be paid.  And that he, whether he was paid or not, would have to show up for work. So on the other side of the world he must concern himself for the safety of his unit AND be worried for the financial security of his family at home.

In the face of such a large issue it is tempting to experience that sense of “I’m just one person – what can I do?”

YOU CAN RAISE YOUR VOICE.  I’m not asking you to hold my opinion.  I am asking you to speak up for yours. And here are the two web addresses where you can discover where to contact your State and Federal elected officials.  They were sent there to represent you.  YOU.  Make sure they do…tell them what’s on your mind.  You may be the one voice that tips the scale and truly makes a difference.  Particularly for my adopted soldier in Afghanistan. Raise your voice.  It matters.





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