Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

For those feeling overwhelmed, or taken with the idea of experiencing a short sabbatical I can suggest an awesome destination for restoration and rejuvenation: home.  Not “home” with the HONEY-DO list and laundry and dishes, and dust under the sofa… No!  Home that serves as sanctuary and allows you to settle in and experience the sense of Nesting and Resting.  Here’s a little piece I made for a project for my friends at HOT OFF THE PRESS/ PAPER WISHES.  (  My long time friend, Paulette Jarvey, offers a lot of courtesy instruction at this site. All the materials featured in my collage below, with the exception of my musical heart and the acrylic wash, are from her company.)


I hope you get to enjoy a brief sabbatical today.  I’ve decided NOW is a good time for one for me.  I was sorting hundreds of small, original water colors for a design project I’m undertaking and…spilled my water cannister all over my art bench.  And my originals.  While they, my art bench, and my spirit dry off – I’m taking a short sabbatical.  Indeed I am!

Sabbatical.  It’s tossed around a lot.  What IS it?  What does it mean?

If you are Tawana -it might mean ducking out of the heat of the politics of Botswana.

If you are Eastern Oregon Pastor, Marc Mullins, it might mean taking a fully grant-funded musical journey to your roots in Ireland.  Taking time away from the thirty-plus years of ministerial service.

If you are Beyonce – the beauty with glorious vocal capacity – it  might mean getting clear on your priorities. She’s announced her intention to take a year Sabbatical to learn things that she’s wanted to know and tend to her precious priorities of family and friends.

What do these people have to do with you?  They are each, following the model of Sabbatical, taking time AWAY from that which is usual and expected in their lives and turning to something else.  To Learn and Study.  To establish a new or different pattern.  To simply rest.  What if you aren’t an internationally recognized political figure, a grant-funded minister or a celebrity?  Can you still enjoy a Sabbatical?  Absolutely!

To answer that question I’ll  borrow from LIVE WITH INTENTION,  my book on “rediscovering what we deeply know.”  Perhaps you cannot plan for a year, or months of Sabbatical, or even a week.  But, maybe you can seize Sabbatical moments…



Sabbath is defined as a period of rest.

Rest from that which is normal.

You can determine the length of that period.

To sabbatize is to enjoy a set aside time for doing something outside the ordinary. Taking a daily sabbatical can be your investment in rest, continued learning, calming your busy self. Take a short sabbatical today and see if you return to your ordinary tasks – renewed.



Please share this with friends who might be visiting Washington State the later portion of July. I will be among several artists and craftspeople demonstrating their art methodologies.  Come chat, see and enjoy.

loganberry festival

Borrowed from my friends at this is poster 27043 and it reads,

it’s not a mess.

it’s a physical manifestation of a wonderfully complex ability to

assess & compartmentalize information.


I was visiting a store owner in St. Paul, Minnesota some years ago.  She apologized as she walked me into her office by saying, “I’m sorry.  My office is just such a mess.”   My precise reply is shown above.  She dropped everything in her hand on the top of the closest pile and said, “I have to write that down.  I want you to turn that into a poster.”  And I did.  I understand this piece is featured in art studios, craft rooms, sewing rooms and offices far and wide!


Mess or a sign of brilliant opportunity?  It really is a  matter of perspective.