Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

The Tone of a Dragonfly is a Purposeful…


Yesterday, after a full creative day at my bench, I took on the task of five off-island errands.  Which meant organizing myself for a ferry trip and getting to five establishments before their night time close.  Since I started this venture at the early end of a normal work day – I felt a little “behind” before I started.

The lesson of the dragonfly has inserted itself into my consciousness.  Good thing for me.  I could FEEL myself flapping, unproductively, like a housefly having to flap those wings 600 times a minute in order to sustain its flight.  I was able to picture the beauty of the dragonfly, take three, deep purposeful breaths and calm my own wing flapping down to the more tolerable thirty flaps a minute.


Five errands equaled five hours.  I arrived home calmly, attitude fully intact and happy to have accomplished each thing I had set out to do.  I had to adjust my plan and map several times within that five hour period.  In that – the dragonfly continues to be a modern marvel and model.  In spite of its primordial roots, its practice is so very relevant to the way I live each day.  Able to competently and flexibly change direction.  No flap – no fuss.

I was grateful as I pulled into the driveway of my home at dark o’thirty, that I had listened to the dragonfly’s message of intentional purpose and calm.


Virginia Woolf Said, “No need to sparkle…

no need to shine.”  The dragonfly disagrees.

The iridescent sparkle of the dragonfly is disarming to many of its predators.

The conclusion is easily drawn!  Particularly in business, women are encouraged to flail themselves into the competitive fray of business in serious-looking suits and vocabulary that might take down a WWW Federation champion.

And here is the model of the dragonfly…the natural sparkle and shine of its iridescent wings act as a disincentive – a deflector.

I can recall, beginning in second grade,  questions that have been asked of me all my life.

“Who wrote this for you?”

“Where did you get this idea?”

“Who taught you that?”


An”advocate” of mine in high school put in writing, “She’s not that bright but her compassion shines.”

With a lifelong penchant for the underdog (with plenty of underdog in my self!) I have long embraced my sparkle.  And not been “taken seriously” for the sake of it.  And yet, unwilling to give up my sparkle, I just keep on shining.  It is not the way of of business, but is my way IN business.  And that makes it the best way for me.  This is my lesson from the shine of the dragon fly’s wings.  What might your lesson be?




The Reflective Mirror of a Dragonfly’s Wings

Today I am going to imagine what those highly efficient and beautiful wings might reflect to me if I were able to “read” their iridescent shine.  Imagine with me….

A message for you from the dragonfly…

You cannot become perfect.

Because you are perfect.  Just as you are.  Your responsibility is to be an explorer, not a tourist in this adventure which is your life and fully observe that perfection visible in the world.


Today.  Right now.  Fully present in this moment. With integrity, laughter, and joy…embracing

the questions, and living your way into the answers that are resonant for you.  Both the questions and the answers only have to make sense to you.  When they make sense to you it will not matter  if they make sense to anyone else.


Lessons FLY Past You at 45 MPH

In THIS case, the lesson that might be flying past you is a Dragonfly.

The dragonfly is capable of reaching speeds upwards of 45 miles per hour. Yes, that little thing.  That prehistoric, perfectly aerodynamic shiney, little thing.  And it achieves that kind of speed with pure efficiency and minimum of physical effort.  A mere 30 flaps a minute holds this insect aloft while a mosquito requires about 600 flaps a minute to do what it does.

Here’s another instructive aspect of the dragonfly of the dragonfly – it has the ability to move in all directions.  It can hover.  It can move forward, backward, up, down and this side to that.  All with ease.  Or, rather seeming ease.  As a youngster, before I was able to launch into reading the biographies of great souls (that I loved so well) I spent a lot of time out of doors.  And the natural world became my first set of teachers.  It’s perfectly natural for me to take an day’s instruction from a dragonfly.  If it’s new to you – I’ll share some of the inspirations I draw from the capacities of this insect.


Even when I have a lot to do and have to achieve a lot in less than usual time, I don’t have to be in “a flap” about it.  Just like the dragonfly, I can move quickly and still maintain my poise, focus and ease.  Said another way – I don’t have to create drama around “having so much to do.”  I can just do it and get it done!

You’ve heard the phrase, “turn on a dime.”  It references the capacity to adapt quickly.  This primordial creature models the capacity for change.  It could be lovingly called the Master Quick Change Artist.  Years ago I wrote for a friend, “Just because you bought the ticket doesn’t mean you have to stay for the second act.”  How many times does it happen that someone stays in an untenable circumstance because they have already invested so much into the effort?  This is common in relationships, volunteer efforts, job capacities, even hobbies!  The dragonfly demonstrates the gracious capacity to simply go another way.  Without a lot of flap and fuss.


Whoooooosh.  There goes the dragonfly – leading me into more outstanding lessons from its long practice of beauty and power with grace.  Will you keep your eyes open for what lessons might fly past you today?

All is waiting and all is work; all is change and all is permanence.  All is grace. – Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, 1984 –

Beauty is everlasting/ and dust is for a time. – Marianne Moore –

Oh who can tell the range of joy / or set the bounds of beauty? – Sara Teasdale –

Art should be Truth; and Truth unadorned, unsentimentalized, is Beauty. – Elizabeth Borton de Trevino –

You have gathered the many powers, / you have clasped them now / Like necklaces unto your breast.  – Enheduanna, 2350 BC

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