Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Childhood Stories

I recognize that I can tell
the stories of my childhood
in ways that give wings to these days.

It’s my story.

I can tell it any way I want.

My friend, Frankie Kiehl, told me repeatedly as she lay dying of pancreatic cancer, that she had
one important message to leave with me.  She said in many different ways that there is only
one “storyteller” of my childhood: me.  I Can Tell The Story any way that I want.

I was put in a room, by myself, a lot.  My parents were surprised by me and it turns out their
plans for a “second honeymoon”  on their 25th wedding anniversary were cancelled because
they had me, instead.  I was their second honeymoon.  With trumpets.  And drums. And
lots of dancing.  More dancing than they bargained for.  So I got invited to a room, by
myself, a lot.  That could be a sad story.   But the wings on the story?   I was given the
opportunity, as a youngster, to learn to be entertained by my own thoughts.  Those
experiences prepared me for the somewhat solitary life of an author.  Wow. Thanks, mom
and dad!  And while they were at it, they instilled in me a lifelong love of books.  Because
there were always a stack of books in the room.  And they were adult books, not books for
“children.”  So that experience gifted me with an expansive vocabulary.  And a love of
dictionaries.  And encyclopedias.  It’s been a mighty helpful interest.

See how that works?

Such a simple difference between VICTim and VICTory.  I choose VICTORY.

Tell the stories of your childhood in ways that give wings to these days.  mary anne radmacherfor belief net

Living the Dream



That’s where you’ll go to vote for the FOOD FOR THE SOUL TRAIN project of

Amy Tingle Williamson and Maya Stein.  These two wordsmiths and artists

have a vintage trailer fully equipped with their inspiration to draw out

the creativity of any person that comes to the door.  They are artists of the

highest order in that they share what they know freely and with enthusiasm.

I’ve seen it myself. I’ve been blessed by it.  I cannot sing loudly enough:

please invest a moment of your time in their project funding.  Who knows…

the traveling FOOD FOR THE SOUL TRAIN might be able to come to

where you are waiting to create!


Put RADMACHER on your November Calendar if you are

near Seattle, WA;  Centralia, WA or Portland, OR…..Here’s how…


Write in Radmacher on your November Calendar

Womanhood Success Summit                    Give Wings to Your Dreams
November 8 – 9, 2013, Friday/Saturday at the Embassy Suites SeaTac (Tukwila, Washington)
This one-day event is designed to help you “Give Wings to Your Dreams.” Bring your “Someday, I’ll…” and “I’d love to, but…” and leave with a practical plan and an inspiring visual to help your passion and purpose take flight. Immerse yourself in a full day of information, inspiration, and innovation that will help you move toward experiencing more of what you want (and less of what you don’t want) in your life.   Optional pre-event mini-workshops (all complimentary…because that’s just how we roll) will be provided on Friday evening. Look forward to power-packed topics focused on organizing, Feng Shui, relaxation, energy management…oh, and soooooo much more.   Explore topics including (but certainly not limited to):
How to tap into your heart’s calling while using the power of your mind to pursue it,
Creating unprecedented momentum for achieving your goals,
Designing powerful systems and structures that set the stage for less stress and more success, and
Using simple strategies for having fun in the process (because doesn’t it just make it a heck of a lot more enjoyable?).
What’s not to love? The event will be hosted by Deanna Davis, PhD, author of The Law of Attraction in Action, Living With Intention, and Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie, and Mary Anne Radmacher (author of Live Boldly, Live With Intention, and Lean Forward Into Your Life). Davis is known for her characteristic blend of humor with how-to, and Radmacher is lovingly referred to as our resident “inspirator.”   The registration investment for this event is $147, which includes lunch (and so darned much more!).   Register Now to join us for this powerful event.   We look forward to helping you “give wings to your dreams” at this year’s event.
The Success Summit will be held at The Embassy Suites SeaTac in Tukwila, WA. Attendees are responsible for booking their own hotel rooms, and there is no room block reserved for this event, so contact the hotel directly to reserve your room if you will be staying Friday night. Contact the hotel directly by phone at 425-227-8844 or visit their website: Click Here!

November 10, 2013  Sunday at the historical Caveness House, 1022 Caveness Drive, in Centralia , WA  98531  $88.  to register call Janis at 360-269-1419 or email:    jtaylorsmith@gmail.com

9:30 -   5:00 with lunch on your own
In the day you will explore proven,  low tech and technological techniques for gathering, capturing and creating cohesive written materials; begin the process of identifying the primary result areas of your life and create a measure that helps you say YES to the essential things; generate a physical system that becomes your personal curriculum for cultivating  qualities that matter to you; in a fun and secure way, ask questions that are significant to you and your process.   I make these kinds of investigations safe, effective and fun!

Monday, November 11, 2013  AN ARTFUL LIFE (creativity is not just for professional artists!)  9:30 – 5:00    With the inimitable Luna Jaffe at 7837 SW Capitol Hwy, Suite C, Portland, OR  In the  sweet core of Multnomah Village with many great eateries available for the lunch break.
In this artful day I will guide you to discover your unique   PERSONAL SYMBOL*; you will  walk away with a functional  “decision deck” and the knowledge of how to “art it up” in your own time;  you  will create (gasp, even those who insist they are not “artistic”) a beautiful gift-card that will be sent to a Veteran in a Wounded Warrior program.  AND you will learn a three-step process to enable you to create lovely, balanced artful embellishment. This process translate into artful applications in many of your life experiences.                                                  (* recent symbol participants said: Ann Ellinger  Ann E.(GA) Eye-opening, intriguing and fascinating. I loved the experience (the workshop) and then seeing my personal symbol emerge through the process. Totally cool! And absolutely accurate!   Rachel D-B (PDX) Part of me wished I’d never created art before, just so my first time realizing I was creative could have been under the care of this lovely, effervescent woman. She just has a heart of gold, and the experience to lull your inner critics into quiet encouragers. and from a professional author and poet, Auburn M. (AZ) …the best I can do is to say that it changed my life, and that … finally … I know who I am.
All materials provided.

Operating at 100% is NOT Always the Best Choice

for beliefnet sept 25

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