Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Remember and Do What Matters

Remember and Do What Matters
Discovery Process with Mary Anne Radmacher, $99
February 1  – 22, 2015

You might not realize it but you do KNOW what matters to you. You really do!

In the MUCH of daily living, it’s easy to disconnect from your MUST, the thing that puts wind beneath your wings and adds lightness to your being. How does this disconnection manifest?

Do you dread your “to do” list?
Does everything weary you?
Do you feel vaguely or even decidedly unsatisfied?
Do you care a great deal (maybe too much) what others say about you?
Have you said “Yes” to so many things that you feel behind all the time?

Say YES to one more, this one. Come spend time with me. You will respond any way that feels natural to you – via video, recorded text or in writing.


We’ll work together to get what matters to you fully in your line of sight and create a set of reminding measures to call you back if you begin to stray or lose focus.

It’s a 22 day process – the perfect amount of time to form a new habit – the habit of being connected to what truly matters to you. Come discover and uncover with me starting next with your first message from me…the evening of January 31, 2015.

Sensitive to the times and economy, I’m making this guided process the thriftiest I’ve ever offered at only $99. Write me for payment options

Remember what matters, YOU and your MUST!


What ARE You Waiting For?

There are many practical reasons to wait.  Wait for a more auspicious time. For better funding. Ha! for ANY funding! For broader education or more deepened networked connections.  The temptation is to wait until all of those elements align.  Perfectly.  Which is why there are many people who ponder aloud in the last seasons of their lives the dreams they held and kept. Inside.  Imagine what could happen to such a dream, held so deeply and long, if, each time the thought of it came to you some specific, small action was taken toward that dream.   Imagine!

Every BIG thing is comprised, in fact, built upon, many solid, smaller things.  I do not have to do everything toward my dream today. I CAN do one small thing. And I think I will. How about you? WHAT are you waiting for?


Grace In Contrasts: Rest and Restoration

belief.netIt’s a short walk between Rest and Restoration.

At 4 AM this morning I knew I was not going to be going back to sleep. My first appointment in the day was three hours and fifteen minutes away. I had a couple of choices.  I could just rest. Lay there. Let my body relax.  I didn’t choose any of those because I knew it would be accompanied by the unmet desire to acquire two more hours of sleep.  I got up.  I chose to look at an unexpected 4 AM wake up call as a gift.  WHAT project around the house has needed two hours of uninterrupted attention?  The entry to our house is through our garage. And then through the pantry into the kitchen.  The pantry had started looking (and therefore, behaving) like a traditional mud room. Which – it is not.


Restoration ensued. It involved taking the room apart, eliminating some things (thrift and recycle) and  putting other things in a more appropriate place.  When the room was restored, fifteen minutes before my appointment, it sparkled. And so did I.  I may have missed out on a few hours of sleep, REST. I gained a space that is welcoming and feels like a great transition into our home, RESTORATION.  That’s a contrast I can embrace.

Thanks for visiting.   mary anne radmacher



Courage Doesn’t Always Roar…sometimes it has to ask for help.

belief try

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