Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

At least once a week, usually on Monday, I select my “words for the week.”  I have a set of cards from Christine Mason Miller also known as Swirly Girl, a set of cards created by a long time friend named Kelly Rae B., a familiar to many deck of angel cards, a set of meaningful quotes (words of my own as well as others) and a set of cards which I co-created with a circle of friends to reflect my strongest life qualities.

This week I am reminded that I am precious, the Angel of Grounding is going to help keep me to talk, the Angel of Spontaneity will help me remember to fill my lungs with deep breathes, I will aspire to have super human persective while being open to exploration.  The word guiding my Altarium focus on friends is Inclusive and the quote which I will carry for the week is one of my own, “Identify ways tat you flourish under the nurturing  care of others: provide them for yourself.”

This habit, or, if you wish, word ritual, is very important to me and helps me stay connected, daily to my joy.  Can you imagine yourself doing something like this?
monday words.jpg

live closer gift 2010.jpg

Here you will find a few sentences from a larger poem i am working on.
I’ve created it as a gift:  it is yours to use for any non-commercial application. (to be specific:  that means if you want to give it as a gift, or use it as a screensaver or print it and stick it on your refrigerator, that would make me so very happy.  please do not reprint it and sell it or use it in an commercial enterprise.  that’s what i mean by “non-commercial.”

As you anticipate the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, I wish for you that each day you live closer to the thing that makes you sing.

a live closer gift 2010.pdf

The postal statistics are in – tens of thousands LESS actual seasonal greetings are being sent through the postal system this year.  Speculation abounds – more electronic greetings, overloaded schedules leading to the choice for no greetings at all, simplifying the “list”…what ever the reason…I have an idea for you which I am modeling below.

The sweetness of acknowledgment is especially easy in our electronic age.  Particularly for folks whose phones boast a camera and the capacity to send photos almost instantly.

If you are inclined, like many, to experience pangs of guilt when you receive a card from someone that you did not reciprocally send…try this!

Set aside guilt and experience the sweetness of acknowledgment.  Place the card in a place, as I did, with a mirror and space for the greeting.  Click – snap a  photo.  And send it along electronically saying something like, “You brought a smile to my face today when I received your greeting.  Thank you so much for thinking of me.”  Then hit send.  In fact, if you want to copy those words right out of this post – please do!  A gulit-free response to a cultural conundrum.   It only takes a few moments and will go a long way to spread and return some  joy in a busy holiday.

There are so many opportunities for you to turn that groan of “oh-no!” and sense of under performance into a daily joy in this season.  This is one of them.  Try it and let me know how it feels. 
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