Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

MARDI GRAS In December with Ellen Outloud

Ellen Lambert is a trained Phraseologist in the Radmacher Focus Phrase™ process and she is a regular Blogger on BraveHeart Women.  For my “between friends” feature she’s given me permission to share her celebration of great news in the world of her friends.  Here goes -

It has been a pleasure answering my phone this week! It seems all my friends are on a roll – enjoying a fabulous week of joy, prosperity and good fortune. Everyone I’m talking to is doing great! Better than great!

I think if you’ve had the opportunity to occupy this planet very long you recognize this as a rare, awesome, and remarkable happenstance.

And they are happy in celebrating for all sorts of reasons. One is enjoying a passionate romance with a new flame; another is having a stellar week at work – all the effort and industry of the past year seems to be paying off all at once. Another received good news on the health front, another is achieving all kinds of personal breakthroughs.

Frankly, I’m running low on superlatives!

“Great News! That’s wonderful! Terrific! High Time! Fabulous! Super! Outstanding!”

And hey, they haven’t cornered the market on good. Rex, the puppy with ADD, sailed through the Final Exam in his Beginner’s Obedience Class. Okay, virtually sailed. To be honest, he choked on “Leave it”. The lad’s not one to leave morsels for the taking. Aside from that, he passed with flying colors.

All is good with the ones I love. Yippee doesn’t seem to express it, so I’ll stick with mental cartwheels, profound gratitude, and keep my Thesaurus handy!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


may your walls know joy cat cover.pdf

(click the line reference if you would like to see the book cover.)

What a fascinating experience to see something so old and familiar in an entirely new light.

Years ago I wrote a home blessing after returning from a long journey to Ireland.  After writing it, the text turned into many things including a home decor poster, greeting cards and calendar covers.  It has been quoted by other authors in books about relationships, love, family, home and fung shui.  And most recently it has served as the title to my own homage to the joys of home: MAY YOUR WALLS KNOW JOY (Red Wheel-Weiser-Conari Press).  The full poem is:

May your walls know joy,
     each room hold laughter,
          and every window open to great possibility.

A friend sent me a message today, delighted that this poem bannered across an Art Gallery Holiday Newsletter.  At a quick glance, and without my glasses I misread my own words to be:

MAY EVERY WINDOW OPEN TO GREET POSSIBLIITY. In this day this means: possibility is simply waiting for me to open the window.  Yes.  It is winter. It is cold outside.  Still!  OPEN the window – possibility is waiting.

EVERY DAY We Create Legacy

Today is a day that stands dramatically for many people.  The attack on Pearl Harbor has been said by thousands to be a day of Infamy.  Surely in the midst of the struggle and the immediate danger and harm to so many…people were not reflecting on the historical significance that the day would come to hold.  Those who are at the USS Arizona today hold their memories and have the advantage of looking back.  There stand children of those who both were lost and those who survived.  The memory is indeed, part of their legacy.

Such grand significances do not always come with great crisis and disaster.  Sometimes the legacy moments of our lives, those days that for the good or the difficult, that will have an infamy of their own, often slip into our experience and are only known in the backward glance. 

Every day, we create the legacy.  We leave footprints, both soft and heavy.  Being aware of this can provide a keen perspective on the events which may seem simple or ordinary.

What legacy will your life create today?


When I walked Paris for the first time…I understood fully what was meant by only being able to see a place once – with FIRST TIME EYES. 

First times create rich and wonderful narratives in people’s lives.  From the monumental first kiss to the fairly ordinary first holiday card of the season.  Things that come first in any line get a little extra attention.  Watching for some “firsts” that come ambling along in your day might add a little extra sprinkle of wow.  And, if a memory tugs…why not follow a memory of an important FIRST TIME in your life down the lane and enjoy all the recall?

I’ve a first to celebrate.  The first sculptural original I’ve ever made is for sale on the first ETSY shop I’ve ever joined:  want a look?  Peek here:  


Julie has made a rich and enjoyable creative compatriot and I hope you’ll enjoy the things we are presenting to the world for the first time!

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