Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures

Daily Joys and Simple Pleasures


When I walked Paris for the first time…I understood fully what was meant by only being able to see a place once – with FIRST TIME EYES. 

First times create rich and wonderful narratives in people’s lives.  From the monumental first kiss to the fairly ordinary first holiday card of the season.  Things that come first in any line get a little extra attention.  Watching for some “firsts” that come ambling along in your day might add a little extra sprinkle of wow.  And, if a memory tugs…why not follow a memory of an important FIRST TIME in your life down the lane and enjoy all the recall?

I’ve a first to celebrate.  The first sculptural original I’ve ever made is for sale on the first ETSY shop I’ve ever joined:  want a look?  Peek here:  


Julie has made a rich and enjoyable creative compatriot and I hope you’ll enjoy the things we are presenting to the world for the first time!

Humor Under Scrutiny

looking at priorities.tiff

I was intensely prepared to scrutinize my priorities.
And then I noticed the purple, pearl topped crown which was a gift from a friend
many years ago.  What possessed me to put it on my head?  A desire to lighten
the weight of my day.  The opportunity to introduce a little levity into a very serious
task.  I was on the cusp of taking a close look at all of the “much” before me and
cull out the “must” of it.  Really focusing in. 

In days that people are tempted to describe as “crazy busy” I’m an advocate for removing the crazy part by truly focusing on the core essentials.  What I call the “must” of my day.

What’s your must look like today?  Get out your magnifying glass and crown!

Remembering My Friend, Hugh Prather…

prather remembered.jpg

A Brand New Baby! um, BOOK!


People often ask me what it’s like to get the very first copy of a new book.

I will first apologize to parents because I know the delivery of a book is nothing like the delivery of a baby.  Absent any children of my own, my books do feel as if they are my children.  I want them.  I conceive them.  I care and nurture and protect them for months and months.  And then – it is delivered.

It is a simple pleasure.  There’s nothing complex about it.  All the effort, investment, countless re-works, drafts, edits, are suddenly ALL worth it.  And this is something of what I am experiencing as I am telling you that I’ve had my Eighth BOOK – LIVE WITH INTENTION – delivered through the doula-like assistance of Red Wheel•Weiser•Conari Press.  And the thrill I experienced on number 8 is no less than what I experienced on number 1.  I love them all but just as some parents might be willing to confess, it’s hard not to have a favorite.  And this newest may very well prove to be my favorite.  

So, I’m passing around metaphorical cigars and saying, “Look.  AH.  Look at my baby.  It’s brand spankin’ new.” 

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